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The Hardebeck Family : Waiting for Baby Ava

Apr 19

Now, I don’t normally shoot, edit, and blog the same session within 4 days. This is the exception. But I’m sure you will be able to understand why. Baby Ava is due any day now, and when Alie contacted me about photographing her maternity session, I was overjoyed. I have also been able to photograph her other 2 pregnancies and I absolutely love that I have been able to capture such special moments for their family.

Washington weather was showing off for this California mama with 70 degrees and sunshine this weekend. We even were lucky enough to find a beautiful tree full of blossoms that made the perfect backdrop.

While I am so excited to meet Baby Ava, I am so grateful she waited until after our shoot, because these images are some of my all-time favorites! Now, we are ready to meet you any time, sweet baby girl!



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  1. Cara Garland says:

    Oh Kelsey these are just the best!!!

  2. Alison Hardebeck says:

    Seriously, Kels! My heart can’t even handle it! So much love and joy! Thank you thank you thank you! You’re a gem and I love your passion for what you do. It shows in your work! I couldn’t be happier with these gorgeous pictures! XO

  3. Galadriel Hardebeck says:

    These are amazing!! Jacoby’s smile just gets me every time and Connors kisses!! These are the perfect spring family and maternity pics!

  4. Heather Nethaway says:

    Amazing moments captured! Love all of these pictures.

  5. Paula Carazo says:


  6. Jeanette Gabriel says:

    OMG! So precioius! Alison, this is your cousin David’s Mom, and I haven’t seen you since David’s 8th grade graduation, as far as I recall. But I have to say, these photos are outstanding! So very precious, with love, joy, beauty, and anticipation! Your boys are darling, and I’m sure your daughter will be beautiful!

  7. Stacia Walker says:


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