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Steven & Victoria : Southern Oregon Riverside Wedding

Sep 27

“Unless it’s mad, passionate, extrodinary love, it’s a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love shouldn’t be one of them.”

-Dreams of an Insomniac

The morning of the wedding was relaxed and full of laughter, dance parties, and hairspray. I arrived and headed downstairs to take pictures of Victoria and all of her bridesmaids getting ready for the wedding. Her sister, Renee did all of the hair and make up with the assistance of the lovely Gaby. The girls were stunning, glowing, radiant. Victoria looked perfect. Her bright red hair and beautiful lashes, to die for. When she put on her wedding dress, the room filled with happy tears and her tummy filled with butterflies. This was the morning that she would finally become Steven’s wifey.

When Steven saw Victoria for the first time, I have never seen him happier than that moment. During their first look, it was like I wasn’t even there and that is JUST the way it should be. She showed off her dress, and he showed her the wedding band that he had made for her. She had not seen it until that moment. PRECIOUS!

The ceremony and reception were held in Oregon right on the river at a home that Steven’s grandma used to live. The scenery was beautiful, the ceremony looked over the river and was at just the right time for some shade during the hot day. The ceremony was officiated by Victoria’s father, and he gave the newlyweds advice on how to keep a marriage strong. Both sets of parents, along with close friends gathered around the couple and prayed for them. Then, Steven and Victoria exchanged rings and vows that they had written to each other. Tears filled both of their eyes as they looked at the person whom they wanted to spend forever with.

The wedding was just the right size for the couple to walk around and visit with all of the guests, the people who have been cheering them on, and will continue to for their whole lives. After the ceremony and a delicious dinner, the dancing began. The father daughter dance made me get a litte misty-eyed, not gonna lie. And then after Steven & Victoria danced to the song “Then” by Brad Paisely, it was time to Cupid Shuffle. My FAVORITE. After some dancing, cupcakes, and fun, the happy couple drove away for the first time with the same last name. The day was perfect.

Steven and Victoria, there is no doubt in my mind that you were created for each other. You love every bit of each other, the good, the rough edges, the silly jokes. All of it. I cannot believe that your wedding already happened, it seems like I was looking forward to it forever. Now you are married and I am SO proud of you. Love you both forever.

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