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Raindrops, Umbrellas, & Tying the Knot!

Oct 17

On Wednesday, he asked me if I wanted to go on a date on Sunday after church. Saturday, we were going to a Husky game with my family, so I thought nothing of it. Just a date, with my best friend, my favorite guy.

All week, he had said we would go for dinner, and to be ready around 3:30. Well, Sunday morning, he decided on 2:00…With the pickup time being moved up, I was feeling a little bit like a hot mess. My best friend Tara was starting a new job at Nordstrom on Monday, and wanted to get her nails done, so I went with her. We headed home, I tried to do my hair. Failed. Tried to put on some false eyelashes, and got glue clear up to my eyebrow. Tried on multiple pairs of shoes, about 5 different coats, and was feeling a little bit like my brain had fallen out of my head.

He picked me up, calm as always, and asked if I was ready to go. I brought and extra coat and pair of shoes, just because I wasn’t fully sold on the outfit I had picked out. I told you, hot mess. Also, I was STARVING. My arm was looking appetizing. So was my leather boot. I needed some lunch, and STAT. So, he bought me some Chicken McNuggets. Oh ya, classy lady. And then we headed to Tacoma. He told me where we were going for dinner. The Lobster Shop in Tacoma. LOVE that restaurant. Tacoma is probably my favorite city in the area. I LOVE Tacoma. Gold Stars already.

Well, I should tell you, I had my suspicions on whether he would propose that day. But once he told me where we were going, I was convinced it wasn’t happening. In my head, it was going to be a big surprise, so once I knew the plan, I was completely thrown off. I wasn’t crushed, I just thought it would happen on a different day. I even texted Tara to tell her “Well, it’s not happening today.” Ya, apparently I think I know everything.

He took me to coffee at Metronome Coffee in Tacoma. It was DELISH. We chatted about work, and life, and everything in between. Then, he asked if I was ready to head down to the Lobster Shop. Sure, why not?

As we drove down, I asked him, “Babe, are you mad at me?” He was thoroughly shocked and responded with “NO! Absolutely not! I just am trying to get where we are going without getting lost.” That was good enough for me! He just was pretty quiet while driving, and that is pretty unusual. (Now, I know he was just feeling a teensy bit nervous.) 🙂

We parked in the parking lot, and he asked if I wanted to walk around before we went in for dinner. Because we were an hour early. Ya, you heard me, AN HOUR. Not to mention, it was raining, but he was fully prepared with an umbrella, so I changed into some boots instead of heels and put on a sweater. I am trying this new thing where I just go with the flow. So I decided I would roll with it. Raindrops and all.

We walked along the trail and I commented on how beautiful the dock was. We walked out and then he asked to take a picture of me.

“Kels, I know you always tell me that I never take pictures with my phone. You look so beautiful, sit down and I will take a picture of you!”

“But Kyle, it’s wet…” (Kyle wipes off bench with sleeve)

As he stood back and took THIS photo, I had no idea what was about to come.

After that moment, he started telling me all of the things he had waited 11 months to say, and at the end, he got down on one knee and asked if I would spend forever as his wife.

“Kelsey Lynne Blome, will you marry me??”

Those 7 words. Those 7 words changed everything. Of course I said yes. I hugged him and for the first time, we said the words “I love you”. Through happy tears, and overwhelming excitement I said yes about a million more times and I heard shouts of excitement from across the dock. My family and some of my closest friends were there. Cheering us on, just like they have been for our entire relationship.

Kyle knows me. More than anyone ever has and ever will. And he knew that having photos of this moment would mean the world to me. He had our friend Michelle Jensen (Visit her Website HERE : there to take photos of the whole event.

With Kyle being from Wisconsin, we called his parents and told them the good news. Of course, they already knew, but it was so wonderful to celebrate with them. After that, I was given a present that Kyle’s Mom, Tammy had sent over to me. She had originally found this necklace on my Pinterest, and ordered it for me. It is Wisconsin & Washington together, just like they will be forever.

Here are the photos, I will cherish these forever ever ever.

It’s so crazy that one sentence can change so much. In that moment, I went from being a girlfriend, to being a fiancé. And in a few months, I will go from being Kelsey Blome, to Kelsey Cody. When I was young I always wondered how I would KNOW when I had met my husband or when I was in love. I always thought it would be this magical moment full of fireworks and flashing signs. But now I know, it’s not one big moment… It’s a million little things that all add up. Over the past 3 years of knowing Kyle, he has proven his faithfulness, his character, his ability to make me laugh when I am in the midst of a meltdown, all of the little things. I really could not imagine NOT having him in my life forever. I cannot wait to spend forever as Mrs. Kyle Cody.


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  1. Erin Railey says:

    I love it!!! So sweet!!! This is exactly how I want my engagement to be 🙂 🙂

  2. Nostalgia Photographics says:

    So sweet! Biggest congrats to you.

  3. Sue Adams says:

    So sweet …… what a beautiful love story! ❤️

  4. Rebecca Roberts says:

    Just read your story and shared it with our girls. So happy for you two! Congratulations on your engagement!

  5. Daniel Clark says:

    Beautiful story congratulations hope you all doing good

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