Do We Need an Engagement Session?

The Engagement Session.

Do you need one? Do you even WANT one? What’s the big deal? Is it something you can live without?

Let me break down the reasons why the Engagement session is one of the best ways you can ensure to LOVE your wedding photos!

#1 : Get to Know Your Wedding Photographer

Every photographer works (shoots) differently. I have photographer friends, and they are wonderful! But we each have our own style and way of doing things. Your wedding day is one of the MOST important days in your life and the photos are going to be something you care about for years and years to come. Having a photographer there who you click with is very important.

This is one of the reasons that I highly recommend using your wedding photographer to photograph engagement photos. Even if you have a friend who has offered a free session – take it! But, don’t use it in replace of a session with your wedding photographer. Getting to know how YOUR photographer functions, photographs, & communicates will make you feel comfortable with them on the wedding day!

Your photographer is with you from when you are putting on your makeup & getting dressed – all the way until you are saying goodbye and getting in the car to drive away. It’s important you WANT them to be with you for these moments. If your photographer doesn’t make you feel comfortable? BAD SIGN. On your wedding day, you want to be surrounded by family & friends – your photographer should be one of them.

#2 : It allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera.

It is not uncommon for my clients to express a little anxiety about being photographed. Even us photographers can get a little nervous about being in front of the camera. The engagement session is like a trial run. It allows you to get used to how it feels to have a camera on you for more than just one photo at a birthday party.

It also allows you & your fiancé to get comfortable with a little PDA while being photographed. On a wedding day, there are family & friends around – this is the perfect time to get used to giving a kiss, or being snuggled up while having photos taken. The engagement session is very low stress & provides a way for you to be affectionate without an audience. Then – once the wedding day arrives, you will have seen just HOW good the photos look & will be eager to get snuggled up because you know just how sweet it is!

#3 : GREAT Pictures!

-Weddings are full of details. Guest books, invitations, thank you cards, wedding websites, bridal showers, and the list goes on! I have found that a lot of my brides like to use engagement sessions as “Save the Dates” or even in their invitations! I have also had brides use photos as decorations around the wedding, in slideshows, and they even have made an album of their engagement photos for friends to sign as a guestbook. By having some pretty photos of you and your fiancé, it could help out with little details. Who knows when you might need a beautiful photo!

#4 : It allows the GROOM to feel comfortable on the wedding day.

Most of the time – it is the bride who is doing the communicating with me regarding the wedding day. But grooms also feel nervous about being photographed, even if they don’t always show it. This is a way for the groom to get some time to know me in a relaxed setting & will make him feel better about the wedding day!

5.) You Will Learn What STYLE of Image You Love The Most

Each couple is different and the favorite images vary in style. Some of my couples love a candid photo where they are laughing. Others prefer a sweet and romantic photo that involves being wrapped up tight in an embrace. The engagement session will give you a variety of images so that you can see which style of photo you gravitate towards. I love when my clients tell me “I LOVE WHEN……” so that I can make sure to give them images in the style they prefer the most!

Now that you know the details! Let’s see the results! Here are some of my FAVORITE engagement photos!

So, let’s get YOUR engagement session on the calendar! Fill out the Contact Form on the website & I’ll get some open dates over to you!






Best of Portraits : 2017

Best of Portraits : 2017

Am I really writing this blog again? I swear I JUST posted the 2016 year in review post last week….

In 8 years, the best part of the job is not only the photos we take – but the people we meet. As you look through this post, you will see families, baby bumps, kids, couples. You will see some people who we have photographed over and over again. Clients who have become our friends. Couples who had us photograph their wedding & now have us photograph their families. And you will see some people for the first time.

We will never get tired of these portrait sessions, because they are a chance for us to meet new people & see some others year after year!

This year we focused on bright, candid images! We LOVE the outfits our clients chose! Also – if you are planning a session, look at these families! Perfect proof that you don’t all have to wear the same color or pattern for your photos to look good! We also tried more and more to photograph at the times of the days with the most beautiful light in order to allow for even BETTER images!

As I created this post, it put into perspective how much can happen in a year. We are so grateful to the people who trusted us to photograph these moments for their families & in their lives. We know that getting updated photos in each season can feel like an investment, but I promise that it is one that you will be grateful that you have made. Not only do you deserve beautiful images of yourself and your lives, but photos are one of the best things that help us remember. When looking at these, I am instantly back into the moments that happened when I took the photos & I know the feeling is the same for our clients. So, if there is one thing that you can take from this – it’s that you deserve beautiful photos in EVERY season.

Now, let me introduce you to our beautiful clients.


The Families : 

The Kids : 

The Baby Bumps : 

The Couples : 

Dani & Joel : Snoqualmie Engagement Session

The first time we met Dani & Joel, we lost track of time and ended up spending 3 hours chatting over appetizers in Issaquah. We walked to our car and once we shut the door – we looked at each other and said, “We really hope they choose us to be their photographers – because we just really want to be their friends”.

We’ve joked that they are our client twins. There are so many similarities between us & them. For the first, Joel & Kyle are both from Wisconsin. Dani & I talk all the time about how happy we are that we got to marry a Mid-West man. They are the literal BEST. The similarities don’t stop there, and every time we see them – we end up talking for hours and laughing the whole time.

Their engagement session was effortless and fun. They introduced us to their dog, Millie. First. We love her. She is the sweetest. I LOVE when clients make their engagement sessions about what they love. The photos always turn out better! They love their puppy, so they brought their puppy. YES. I always will say yes!

We took these at a lookout on Snoqualmie Pass, but my favorite images will always be ones that focus on the couple. The location is beautiful, but you know what’s even more beautiful? How you look when you laugh. How you snuggle in close with the one you love. How evident love can be in a photograph. Those are the things I love. Those are the things I will look for, every time.



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We can’t wait to get to know you!

Kels & Kyle

Aaron & Colleen : Pacific Northwest Engagement Session

Aaron & Colleen. You are going to just love these two. After looking at this post, you are going to want to call these 2 up and meet them at Trappers for some sushi. I know that’s what WE want to do.

We had the best time getting to know Aaron & Colleen during their engagement session. Colleen is from Ohio, and when we met up to drink some coffee & eat a cheeseboard – she told me that for their engagement session, she wanted it to feel like Washington. So, Operation Pacific Northwest Engagement Session? SIGN ME UP.

Well, Colleen, I think we did it! We jumped in Aaron’s truck with some Jimmy John’s sandwiches and drove to Snoqualmie Pass for their golden hour engagement session. This is one of the things I love about the Pacific Northwest. That we have so many beautiful locations all within driving distance of our houses. I loved being able to

Golden Hour will forever get all of the heart eyes from us. The light is consistent, not too harsh, and has a warm glow.

Take a peek, this session gives us all the #pnw Vibes. You know what I mean?

Kelsey Lynne Photography, Seattle Wedding Photographer, Snoqualmie Pass Engagement Photos


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Kels & Kyle

Kristy & Craig : Snowy Engagement Session

Kristy & Craig are getting married later this year and we are SO excited for them! Also, we are pretty excited that they chose US to photograph it. I have been photographing their family for the past 3 years and when they asked if we would photograph their wedding & engagement session, we knew we would be in for a party!

For their engagement session, Kristy requested snow. YES PLEASE. We all jumped into a truck & drove up to the mountains to find some of the prettiest locations I think I have ever shot at. Washington does NOT disappoint when it comes to beautiful scenery, and the snow fell during the session which made it feel all the more magical. These two were troopers with the cold weather & didn’t complain once.

We truly loved every minute of this session, and looking through the images makes my heart so so happy that we are able to do what we love as our career. There was nothing better than texting Kristy sneak peeks while editing and seeing her excitement.

Aren’t they the cutest?

If you are interested in booking a session or using us for your wedding, send us an e-mail! We’d love to work with you! We are almost booked for 2017 & are filling up for 2018!