September 19, 2017

Dani & Joel : Snoqualmie Engagement Session

The first time we met Dani & Joel, we lost track of time and ended up spending 3 hours chatting over appetizers in Issaquah. We walked to our car and once we shut the door – we looked at each other and said, “We really hope they choose us to be their photographers – because we just really want to be their friends”.

We’ve joked that they are our client twins. There are so many similarities between us & them. For the first, Joel & Kyle are both from Wisconsin. Dani & I talk all the time about how happy we are that we got to marry a Mid-West man. They are the literal BEST. The similarities don’t stop there, and every time we see them – we end up talking for hours and laughing the whole time.

Their engagement session was effortless and fun. They introduced us to their dog, Millie. First. We love her. She is the sweetest. I LOVE when clients make their engagement sessions about what they love. The photos always turn out better! They love their puppy, so they brought their puppy. YES. I always will say yes!

We took these at a lookout on Snoqualmie Pass, but my favorite images will always be ones that focus on the couple. The location is beautiful, but you know what’s even more beautiful? How you look when you laugh. How you snuggle in close with the one you love. How evident love can be in a photograph. Those are the things I love. Those are the things I will look for, every time.



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Kels & Kyle


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