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They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but sometimes we like to tell you the stories. The stories of our couples. The stories of our families. The stories of the people we get to photograph. Here's where you can learn a bit more about us & a bit more about the things we love. 


Thoughts From a Client : Tips for Finding a Photographer and LOVING Your Images!

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Okay, I’ve told you OVER and OVER again how I have the very best clients…and HERE is a prime example! Rachael reached out to me a few weeks ago and told me that she would be open to writing a blog about her experience working with me – of course I said “YES”! These are […]


Favorite Vendor : Something to Chalk About

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One thing I love to do is to share the love and share of our favorite vendors. These are people we have worked with over & over again. The ones who are consistent, and amazing, and SO worth looking into for your own wedding! So, we’re starting off this new “Favorite Vendor” series with someone […]


Travel Diaries : CALIFORNIA

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In March of 2018, we decided we needed a break, some time just the two of us to get away! We looked at the calendar & checked with Kyle’s work schedule and found a week in May that we had no shoots, nothing pressing, and could easily get away for a week of vacation! MARK. […]


The BEST Marriage Advice : Weekly, Monthly, Yearly

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We’re in the middle of year 5 of marriage. We are just at the beginning of the years we will spend as husband and wife, but there is something that I read the month before we got married that has proven to be the best piece of marriage advice. It was in a newsletter by […]


Do We Need an Engagement Session?

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The Engagement Session. Do you need one? Do you even WANT one? What’s the big deal? Is it something you can live without? Let me break down the reasons why the Engagement session is one of the best ways you can ensure to LOVE your wedding photos! #1 : Get to Know Your Wedding Photographer […]