January 6, 2020

2019 : Behind the Scenes & Bloopers

Why I started collecting the least flattering photos of Kyle & I on a folder in my desktop, we will never know. But 3 years later – this is one post that our friends and clients always love. 2019, we loved you. You were crazy busy most of the time, and I still have no idea how to keep my hair frizz-free even after being alive for 30 whole years, but at the end of it all – we had the VERY BEST year with our amazing clients.

So take a look through these behind the scenes & so many bloopers. These unedited moments that show you just how weird we really are. And if we look like your kind of people? Let’s work together. We’d really love to photograph your wedding days or family photos!

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Or to see last year’s Bloopers Post, check this out!



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