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4 Reasons Why YOU Need an Engagement Session!

May 16

Today on the blog, it’s ALL about the ENGAGEMENT SESSION! They are one of my favorite things to shoot and I often get asked WHY should people have an engagement session before their wedding. Honestly. It is one of the BEST decisions you can make when planning your wedding!

Okay, I am the #1 Fan for Engagement Sessions. I have the T-Shirt, Foam Finger, & Season Tickets. But really, the benefits are endless and I am here to tell you the 4 reasons why I provide an engagement session in ALL of my Wedding Collections!

#1 : You get to know your wedding photographer before the big day!

-Every photographer works (shoots) differently. I have photographer friends, and they are wonderful! But we each have our own style and way of doing things. Your wedding day is one of the MOST important days in your life and the photos are going to be something you care about for years and years to come. Having a photographer there who you click with is very important. Honestly, I am with you the WHOLE day of your wedding. From getting dressed, to saying goodbye. It’s probably important that you want me to be around! That we click! That you like the way I shoot, the way I talk, the way I am. Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days in your life and I want you to remember LOVING your wedding photographer! An engagement session gives us a chance to work together, to have fun, and get to know each other!

#2 : It allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera.

-Some of my clients are definitely part-time models. I mean really though, they are comfortable in front of the camera, have sparkles in their eyes, and don’t get nervous before a shoot. But then, there’s the rest of us. Yes, I say us, because whenever someone wants to take a photo of me, I suddenly develop a case of hives and nausea. Being photographed is hard work. I understand! I understand that you might not feel 100% comfortable in front of the camera! By having an engagement session, we can work through those nerves before your wedding, so that when the Big Day rolls around, you are a Part-Time Model too!

#3 : GREAT Pictures!

-Weddings are full of details. Guest books, invitations, thank you cards, wedding websites, bridal showers, and the list goes on! I have found that a lot of my brides like to use engagement sessions as “Save the Dates” or even in their invitations! I have also had brides use photos as decorations around the wedding, in slideshows, and they even have made an album of their engagement photos for friends to sign as a guestbook. By having some pretty photos of you and your love, it might help out with little details. Who knows when you might need a beautiful photo!

#4 : It allows the GROOM to feel comfortable on the wedding day.

-Normally, the grooms are not a big fan of getting their photo taken. I understand! But I can tell you from experience, that after the engagement session they are MUCH more excited for the wedding day! After we meet and take a few pictures, they warm up to me and my camera and realize that I am there to make them look good! Think James Bond. Who doesn’t want to look good on their wedding day! That’s my goal!

Now that you know the details! Let’s see the results! Here are some of my FAVORITE engagement photos!

And! It’s nice to get a good photo of that ROCK on your finger!

Life is worth remembering.

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