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365 Days Later : A Letter on Our 1st Anniversary

Mar 22

Kyle Joseph Cody,

It doesn’t feel like it’s been a year, but somehow it feels like it’s been forever. This whole “us” thing. You and me. Same home, same last name, married.

Our wedding day was perfect. Not because of all of the flowers and donuts, but because it was the culmination of so much anticipation. Prayers about you. Conversations about what I hoped my husband would be like. Dreams about being a wife. And then, one year ago, the dreams became a reality. I became your wife.

I don’t think I “felt” married for a while. We talked about it a few times. For the first few months, it seemed like a really good whirlwind. New house, new job, new, new, new.

But now, I get it. I feel it. I feel like your wife. And I understand more today what the promises we made on our wedding day mean.

I have seen you keep those promises. In little ways, and it big ways.

You told me on our wedding day, in front of our families and friends,  “I will always choose to love you.”

Sometimes, you choose to love me by bringing me ice water each night for my nightstand so I can fall asleep. Other times, you bring me a soy latte to work when I feel tired. Other times, you handle the dishes or folding of the laundry.

But there are big ways. When you see my weaknesses, but instead choose to tell me my strengths. When instead of shutting down, you choose to talk through a misunderstanding. When instead of being selfish, you choose to put my needs above your own.

In all of those ways, I have felt you make a choice to love me.

You have demonstrated faithfulness in a way that is so real to me. You have kept your promises, Kyle. And I have never felt more loved. I have never felt more valued. I have never felt more secure.

I love being your wife. I want to spend my life making you great. I’m your biggest fan. You are my best friend.

And one year later, I wouldn’t have changed any of it.

You and Me, Babes.

Cheers. To the best year ever, and to many more to come.


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  1. Sheryl Blome says:

    Such good positive words and testament to the value of commitment .. Love Mom

  2. Alison Hardebeck says:

    Happy Anniversary. Lovebirds! Love your words, love that they are backed up with truth, love both of you! The first is very very special! XO

  3. Rae Ann Artman Elvin says:

    Awwweee! A year already!!! Happy anniversary!!! You two are SO CUTE!!! ❤️

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