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Wedding Albums : The Reason I Paid for One

Aug 9

Here we are in the middle of wedding season!

As is common during this time of year, it is also when we start booking up for our next wedding season. Crazy that we are already chatting with some brides about 2017! I remember being a kid and thinking that 2007 (the year I graduated) was NEVER going to come. And here we are, almost 10 years later.

All that to say….When I meet with a bride, I get the chance to talk to her about her wedding, and show her some more images. I always bring a sample wedding album. For two reasons.

1.) It gives a bride a chance to see how my photos look printed.

Looking at images on an iPad or computer monitor is one thing. But seeing photos in print is completely different! It is like seeing pictures of food online, but then actually having the food in front of you gives you a chance to really look at it. To see the quality and the colors in real life.

2.) A Wedding Album tells a story.

I have photos in frames around our house. Some from our wedding, some from other times. And they are beautiful! People compliment them always! But one photo doesn’t tell the whole story of our wedding! It doesn’t show that we had a tower of donuts instead of cake. That my dad and I cried when he saw me in my wedding dress. The details from our centerpieces, or how beautiful my best friends looked in their bridesmaid dresses. Those moments can be included in a wedding album! Instead of just one or two photos, the album tells the story of the day.

As a photographer, I will be honest. I have access to the same companies that our wedding photographer ordered our products from. I could have easily told myself that I was going to design and order my own wedding album. I could have even chosen a less expensive album company, or less pages, or a million other things to make the album less expensive.

But I am SO glad that we didn’t.

Here are a few reasons why we ordered and paid for a wedding album.

1.) I knew that designing and making my own would be on the bottom of my priority list.

“I’m not going to purchase one, because I am going to make my own!” Awesome! But I will also tell you that Life is BUSY. And sitting down to design your own album takes a lot of time. Having someone do that for you makes it SO much less work, and it also won’t get pushed back for months or even years.

2.) I knew my photographer would make sure that she delivered a quality product.

The access that professional photographers have to high-end print labs is insane. There are so many labs and companies that produce BEAUTIFUL products! I have tried out a few different companies myself to make sure that I stand behind the products my clients receive. I want them to feel like they invested in something that was worth the money.

There is a big difference between a $40 album and a $400 album besides the cost. You know how when you look through old photos some of them have turned yellow or green? Well that’s because of the paper they were printed on. Wedding albums could do the same thing, so by purchasing an album on professional paper can make your album last for 50 years, instead of 5.

3.) I want my kids to be able to see my wedding album one day.

With the trend towards online social media, and things being wireless, I know that a lot of my clients don’t print a lot of their wedding images. An album gives me something tangible. Something that I won’t have to pull out my computer to show my children! I want to hand them a beautiful book and say, this is when Mom & Dad got married! I don’t want to have to search my desk drawers for the USB or hard drive of images, I want to have something to hold in my hands and that I can show to my friends and family.

4.) We purchased a wedding package that included an album, so that it would already be paid for.

I know that people have budgets! We had a budget! But we also decided that if we didn’t just pay for it, we probably would have a million other things to spend $$ on once the wedding was over. By purchasing it at the front end of the wedding, it was an expense we already planned on, and by the time we received the album, it was already paid for! We didn’t even think about the cost.

Here are some photos of the beautiful wedding albums we offer our clients, the color of the leather or linen can be chosen by the bride and groom to fit with their wedding colors, or just to go with the décor of their home. The pages are THICK and lay flat when opened, allowing no loss of an image when spread across the center of the book. They are beautiful, and I am OBSESSED!



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