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The Reason I Can Keep Going.

Aug 28

Kyle Joseph,

Last week, we shot 3 weddings. You stood by me every minute. You drove on the way there, and on the way home. You brought me ice cold water and fruit snacks. You reminded me that we needed to still get a shot with grandma and of the rings. You never complained. You never had a bad attitude. You loaded the bags into the car, and told me I was a rockstar.

Well babes, it’s you. You are the rockstar. Thank you for being the best second shooter. I could not be HALF as successful without you by my side. You made it easy to shoot 3 weddings in 4 days. Because I knew the whole time I wouldn’t be alone and I could rely on you.

You not only are my husband, but you honestly are my best friend and favorite person to work with. The shots you get are UNREAL. I love how you see the world and how you capture it.

Thank you, for taking a risk when my second shooter cancelled on me last year by saying “I’ll do it”. You didn’t have to volunteer, but you did and I am SO grateful you did. From wedding #1, I knew you would be the best person to work with. You are a great photographer. And the BEST support I could ask for on a wedding day.

Here’s to you, babes! You deserve a million ice cold Diet Cokes, a thousand fishing trips, and a week in Cabo!

Love you a million,


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  1. Lauren Huntington says:

    This is beautiful!!

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