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The Jensen Family : Maple Valley Photographer

May 9

When people ask me how I started my business, I always get to reflect back and think of the beginning of the story.

Enter Michelle of Michelle Jensen Photography. One day I decided to ask her if she was looking for an assistant for any of her shoots and weddings, or if there was anything she would be willing to teach me about photography. She was warm, kind, and inviting. She allowed me to work under her for about a year. From assisting her at weddings, to shoots, and lots of coffee dates chatting about editing, shooting, and the business side of photography. 

Michelle, thank you. Thank you for sharing your time, your talent, your wisdom, and your skills with me. Thank you for allowing me to ask questions, and cheering me on. Thank you for being a huge part of my story.

Michelle is still the person I call when I need an answer to a question. From a hard e-mail received, to a rainy day back-up plan, to a pep talk when I am discouraged. We have learned how to support one another and cheer each other on. I am so glad that we have become photographers that don’t compete, but instead have created a friendship.

When Kyle & I got married, we both knew that we trusted Michelle to take our wedding photos. She was there for all of our milestones. From our proposal, to engagement photos, and our wedding day, she captured it all.

A few weeks ago, I got to return the favor for her and take some photos of her beautiful family. I am in love with the images we created, let me show you her BEAUTIFUL family!

We decided to meet at Golden Hour for some beautiful light at one of my favorite locations!


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