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The Best Day of My Life : Becoming Mrs. Cody

Jul 22

Wow, sitting here blogging about MY wedding. MY wedding, I still can’t get over the fact that I am now Kelsey Lynne Cody. Its was exactly 4 months ago,  and I don’t think it has FULLY hit me.

Our wedding day was lovely. You know the advice that people give to brides? “Don’t worry, something is gonna go wrong on your wedding day. It ALWAYS does! But just laugh through it, because it’s all gonna be okay!” Ya, well I HATED hearing that. Ha. Honesty is one of my best traits. But really, for 23 years I dreamed about my wedding. I AM and WAS that little girl. The one who had imagined her wedding during every chick flick. The one who had a “Wedding” playlist on her iPod since high school. (And yes, I did walk down the aisle to “January Rain” by David Gray. The song that had been on the same playlist for over 6 years). But when planning my wedding, having multiple people assure me that something big was going to go wrong? Ya, that wasn’t really the advice I wanted to hear.

But you know what? They were wrong! There was no giant fiasco on the wedding day. Everyone showed up on time, and I left the reception without any BBQ sauce stains on my white dress. It was honestly perfect. Not because of anything that we did, but because we got married and were surrounded by the most wonderful people through it all. So now, when I meet with brides, I assure them that the day is going to be great. That it will all come together, and they will leave the wedding feeling the happiest they ever had. I’m pretty sure THAT is the advice they want to hear!

Being a wedding photographer, I know the importance of photos and I have been to a LOT of weddings. But now, I feel like I can see things with a different perspective. I realize how fast the day goes. How the first look really was my favorite moment. Not only with Kyle, but I chose to do a first look with my dad. And THAT was one of my favorite moments also. I realize how important it is because some of the photos I got back really DID help me remember the day and the little details that I forgot.

Here are some shootouts to some people who really did make our day the BEST day of our lives :

One of our good friends, Kaleb Norman James, did a job with our decor and floral arrangements. I told him I wanted white & succulents with Milk Glass and GOLD and he delivered. Big time. Visit His Website Here :

Tom & Kate Hallstrom were our band/EmCee’s/DJ’s for the night and I STILL am getting compliments on how fan-flippin-tastic they were. They sang our first dance song LIVE. And I about died. Along with the father/daughter dance & mother/son dance. Plus, after that, they had mixed up the PERFECT playlist to get everyone dancing the night away. Visit Their Facebook Page Here :

Kyle and I aren’t big “Cake People”. We would probably choose ice cream over cake, and that just isn’t the easiest for 225 people. So instead, we had DONUTS and coffee! The most delish donuts from Legendary Donuts. They were perfectly sized for people to have 2-3 and the flavors were AWESOME! My favorite : Blueberry Cheesecake. Visit Their Website Here :

Michelle Jensen was the LOVELY photographer who captured our day and I could not be happier with the photos! I am going to write up another post about WHY exactly I chose her, but let me just say, having someone you TRUST is the most important thing in a photographer. I had no worries about our photos during the day, and I let her do whatever she thought would be best! I had bride brain, not photographer brain and I am SO glad that I didn’t try and micr0-manage the photos! She delivered even more than I could have hoped! Visit Her Website Here :

Edward & His Team from TSP Video were our videographers for the day, and that is one expense that we honestly went back and forth about spending. But really, BEST decision. The highlight video has made it’s way across the country to our family and friends who were not able to make it to the wedding, and we have gotten so many people telling us that it was such a good representation of our day! He made our wedding feel even more perfect when I saw it. The things he captured are priceless and I can’t wait to show our kiddos one day! Visit Their Website Here :

Sorry for the novel, but REALLY we are so grateful to everyone who helped out and made our day great! Also, Thank you to our families, friends, and LOVELY bridal party! The day was special because we got to celebrate with YOU!

Kyle Joseph,

I love you a million billion. And every day I wake up so grateful to be your wifey. You are the best husband. Happy 4 months!



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  1. Reva Blome-Bunnell says:

    Here I am again…being a pest but now I need a picture of just page 8 please (showing your bouquet close up.) I tried to save a copy and then print it but I think it has some sort of proprietary block??? Anyway, would really appreciate it. And Happy 4th month anniversary!!!

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