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They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but sometimes we like to tell you the stories. The stories of our couples. The stories of our families. The stories of the people we get to photograph. Here's where you can learn a bit more about us & a bit more about the things we love. 


Do We Need an Engagement Session?

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The Engagement Session. Do you need one? Do you even WANT one? What’s the big deal? Is it something you can live without? Let me break down the reasons why the Engagement session is one of the best ways you can ensure to LOVE your wedding photos! #1 : Get to Know Your Wedding Photographer […]


Feeling Overwhelmed with Wedding Plans? READ THIS.

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Hey friend, I’ve been in your shoes. Feeling Stressed & Overwhelmed. The wedding is coming soon & you are suddenly feeling like there is so much you have to do, decide on, coordinate, PAY FOR, and figure out before the wedding day actually arrives. It can feel a little daunting. You might be tempted to […]


The Best Advice I Can Give Any Bride.

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As someone who spends at least half of her weekends every year at weddings, there are MANY things I could tell to any bride who is in the midst of wedding planning. Advice about the schedule of the day, wearing comfortable shoes, waterproof mascara, décor….You get my drift. There are so many things to think about […]


The Most Important Wedding Accessory : The Bride’s Bouquet

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One of my favorite thing at each wedding is seeing the different details each bride decides to make a part of her ensemble. From the shoes, the veil, the jewelry, the accessories, and even the dress, there are so many ways to make your dress and details into a perfect reflection of your style and […]


Workin’ With a Budget : Wedding Planning Tips

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We are right in the midst of the busiest time for proposals. Between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, approximately 35% of all engagements will happen this year! Let the wedding planning begin!!!! I am in my 6th year as a wedding photographer, and my 2nd year as a wife, so while I might not have the […]