2019 : Behind the Scenes & Bloopers

Why I started collecting the least flattering photos of Kyle & I on a folder in my desktop, we will never know. But 3 years later – this is one post that our friends and clients always love. 2019, we loved you. You were crazy busy most of the time, and I still have no idea how to keep my hair frizz-free even after being alive for 30 whole years, but at the end of it all – we had the VERY BEST year with our amazing clients.

So take a look through these behind the scenes & so many bloopers. These unedited moments that show you just how weird we really are. And if we look like your kind of people? Let’s work together. We’d really love to photograph your wedding days or family photos!

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2017 : Behind the Scenes & Bloopers

Oh you guys. This is everyone’s favorite post of the year. One – because it gives you an idea of how we work & what we do BEHIND the scenes of a wedding day. Two – because Kyle makes the most hilarious faces. This year was SO MUCH FUN & we love all of these images of us doing what we love. A lot of the images are taken when I am testing my light & trying to make sure our settings are locked in for certain moments. Thus, we end up with a lot of super fun photos at the end of the year to show you!

You will see these following things in the images below :

1.) Kyle.

2.) Kyle making hilarious faces.

3.) Kyle helping with flowers, dresses, veils, etc.

4.) The back of my hair that always looks like a disaster.

5.) Us with some of our sweet couples that REQUESTED images with us at their weddings!

6.) The rest of the crazy images we took of each other during wedding season.

Promise you will still love us after you see how weird we are? 

Okay, Here you go!

Uncle Kyle is Croix’s favorite. I’m jealous.

Hey Kyle, want to move that tree?

When a guest asks me to hold her wine so she can get down on the dance floor. LOLOLOL.

Ninja Kyle, don’t worry – we cropped him out of this one.

Lord of the Ring? Or…..

Our sweet bride told us we looked cute & asked if she could take a picture of us!

Kyle. Papparazzi.

I just started singing and this bird flew over & helped me shoot this wedding.

Oh wait. That didn’t happen. I’m not in a Disney Movie.

The best helper with a wedding dress train.

That moment where I wanted to be a bridesmaid.

Nice smooshy focus face, Kels.

My favorite sight. Kyle. Holding Starbucks for me.

Hey, I was running around in the rain earlier on this day, so don’t judge my hair. Thanks.

Just testing our light for the first look.

One day when we have children, I hope they smile like Kyle.

Where’s Kyle?

Him. Photographing his second favorite thing.

Thanks so much for supporting us year after year! If there is anything these pictures remind us of, it’s HOW fun it is to work with your spouse. Being able to not only support our clients in their marriages – but also to grow in our own relationship is such a gift!

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