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Liz & Connor : Tacoma Engagement Photographer

May 5

Liz and Connor are ready to be married. Yes, I know that you could say that about anyone who is engaged, but for them it is 100% true. You see, Liz lives in Minnesota and Connor lives here in Seattle. They met during a year long discipleship program at my church in Maple Valley. After that, Liz moved home to Minnesota to spend time with her family. They have been interested in each other for quite some time, and it’s obvious they are perfect for each other.

Liz is one of my best friends. She lives life OUT LOUD. She is kind, fun, hilarious, compassionate, strong, and smart. She is probably the most likable person I know. She is like a magnet. People want to talk to her, be around her, hang out with her, because she is fabulous. Well, we can just say that Connor is fully aware of how wonderful Liz is and was not afraid to fly to Minnesota many times to show her how much she meant to him. You see, out of sight was NOT out of mind for these two. He could not get her out of his head, and he didn’t want to. Over the past year, there have been many airplane tickets bought, phone dates, skype calls, and the countdowns until the next visit. These two are best friends, and they are incredibly in love.

Connor proposed on New Year’s Eve, and it was the perfect way to end 2012 and start 2013. The wedding plans are coming together, and we were able to spend some time a few weeks ago taking some of my most favorite engagement photos ever. These people, GORGEOUS.

They are getting married in Minnesota in June and are then heading to Aruba on the SAME airplane for their honeymoon. They will have the same last name, the same zipcode, and the same address, for the rest of forever. And if you ask them, forever needs to get here quick.


Life is worth remembering.

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