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Janessa & Dain : Seashells, Sailboats, & The Forever Kind of Love

Feb 11

This is one of my FAVORITE weddings, even though I wasn’t their photographer (I was a bridesmaid) I was able to be there to capture detail photos & their First Look. Janessa is the closest thing to a big sister that I have ever had.

Even though this wedding was from a few years ago, I wanted to re-blog it. Just so you could hear their love story, and see some of my favorite photos ever taken.


She knew for years…That when she walked down the aisle in white gown, Dain would be the one at the end waiting for her. He knew too, but he waited until the timing was right to let her know. That she was the girl that he had been waiting for.

The morning of their wedding was full of laughter. All of us bridesmaids gathered at the Hardebeck’s lovely lake house for hair, make-up, Starbucks and pictures. We watched as Janessa was full of anticipation, joy, and amazement that this day had finally come. I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in the wedding, but I still was able to take pictures while we were getting ready, and also of Dain and Janessa’s “First Look”. THAT, that right there, was maybe one of the sweetest things I have ever photographed.

As Janessa stepped into her gown and her sister zipped it up, we all looked at Janessa and knew she was the most gorgeous bride we had ever seen. Not just because of the dress, but because she was the happiest girl on the planet that day. When I walked her to the first look, her eyes filled with tears. She looked at me and said, “Kelsey, I cannot believe that today I get to marry Dain”. Melt.My.Heart. THAT is what love is. Always thinking that you are getting the better end of the deal. That you are the lucky one. And I can honestly say that both Dain & Janessa think they are the “Lucky One”.

Dain and Janessa said “I Do” surrounded by the people who love them most. People who can all atest to the fact that they are perfect for each other. During the ceremony, I stood in a pale peach dress and wiped the happiest tears from my eyes. Because when you see the faithfulness of God in two people’s lives, it makes you realize how wonderful life is.

All of the wonderfully perfect details were created and put together by Kaleb Norman James Design. He is so ridiculously talented and has a way of taking your dreams and making them a reality. The flowers, the nautical details, EVERYTHING was immaculate. Visit his website at and become a fan of his work on FACEBOOK.

I have seen Janessa a few times since her wedding day, and I can honestly say she is the happiest I have EVER seen her. Dain, thank you for making my sister the happiest girl in the world. Thank you for showing her each day why you love her. And thank you for being such a godly man whom I know she can depend on. Janessa, you are stunning, radiant, beautiful, fabulous. I am so glad to have you in my life and to have been able to spend this day with you. I LOVE YOU forever.

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