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39 Days Left : Thoughts from a Soon-to-be-Bride

Feb 10

Wow. It’s so hard to believe that in just 39 days, I will walk down the aisle and say “I Do”. No, but really. I am one of the girls who has dreamt about her wedding since I was 5 years old. So the fact that it is coming so soon is exciting, and a little overwhelming. I’m just being honest! Weddings are wonderful. I LOVE weddings. I love them so much I am a wedding PHOTOGRAPHER, because I love being a part of creating memories of such a special day.

I was reading a book where they talked about how much time a bride spends planning a “Wedding”. The book also encouraged brides to spend time planning a “Marriage”. Because THAT is what is going to last. Yes, the wedding will be beautiful, but in reality it is only 24 hours. The marriage will be years and years. I have tried to remember that through the process. To not become attached to things going PERFECTLY, because let’s be honest. Imperfect things are always way more beautiful.

Here are my thoughts. Here is where I am at. Here is a slice of my wedding plans & my marriage plans.

Things I can’t wait for :

  • I cannot wait to not have to wait for “Made it home safe, babes” text messages every night. 
  • I am SO excited to go grocery shopping and make dinners!
  • I am excited to make new traditions. For instance, we started on on New Year’s Day this year. We decided to start each New Year off, we would go to breakfast together in our Pajamas.
  • I cannot wait to decorate a whole home.
  • I cannot wait for Kyle to wear his wedding ring.
  • I cannot wait to be Kelsey Lynne Cody. Speaking of, I need to practice writing my new signature.
  • I cannot wait for a vacation on the beach with my HUSBAND!
  • To plan spontaneous weekend getaways when there is nothing on the calendar.

Things that I keep forgetting we need to do:

  • Apply for a Marriage License
  • Get Kyle’s Suit Pants Hemmed
  • Buy my jewelry for the wedding
  • Flower Girl Basket & Ring Bearer Pillow

I am grateful that I am not moving far away from my family. I know some people probably think that is ridiculous, but I don’t mind. When you are an only child, you spend a lot of time with M&D (Mom & Dad, I just call them M&D when I need to save time). They really have been there through everything. And they have walked with Kyle and I through our relationship as our biggest supporters and #1 Fan’s. They pray for us when we are feeling overwhelmed with the wedding plans, they encourage us to pursue our dreams (Mine = Photography, Kyle’s = Music), and they are always there to give us an outside perspective. Plus, there is something about some Blome Home cooking that makes all of my bad days melt away. It truly is comfort food.

Things I have learned from my parents that I will also try and do : 

  • We keep blankets on couches. Because nothing makes a house feel more like home than snuggling up on the couch. 
  • Not stressing that the house has to be 100% perfect. It’s okay if it looks like people live in it. THEY DO!
  • Allowing my children’s friends to feel comfortable at the house. For as long as I can remember, my friends became part of my family. My parents were so generous about letting me bring friends on vacations and camping trips.
  • To communicate through disagreements and to not shut-down when feeling hurt. By talking through things, I have found they get resolved a lot quicker.

Here are some recent photos, so you can see how the last few months have been!

The wedding is coming soon and I am sure that I will have hundreds of beautiful photos to show you! Also, I have SO many photo shoots to update you on! Once things with the wedding slow down, I will post some updates for you!

Have any wedding advice? I would LOVE to hear it!

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  1. Tyandgail Forsberg says:

    Great post Kelsey! I love the things you shared about your family and how you want those feelings in your home too! Love your photos! I am so blessed to know you! God’s Blessings to you and Kyle and all your loved ones always! love, Gail

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