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In My Professional Opinion : Thoughts from a Newlywed

Apr 11

Aloha, friends and family! It’s Kelsey Lynne Blome Cody! Back from our honeymoon and LOVING married life! I’ll be posting some of my favorite wedding photos once we get them back!

The wedding was perfect. Not only because of all the pretty details. Shout out to Kaleb from Kaleb Norman James Design who made all of my succulent, milk glass, and gold visions a reality. He really went above and beyond and made the day BEAUTIFUL. But the day was perfect because we really felt so loved and supported by all of the people who came to the wedding. Kyle’s vows were the most wonderful thing. EVER. And seeing him for the first look was enough to make me the happiest girl in the world. A HUGE thank you to our parents who went above and beyond also, they really helped all the details come together and were there with endless love and support through the whole process. But the day really flew by, so I am SO grateful for our amazing Photographer : Michelle Jensen and our Videographers : TSP Video Productions. They have made the last few weeks overly exciting, checking Facebook feels like winning the lottery! Michelle has posted a few photos, and TSP posted our wedding highlight video. OKAY, I died! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

The honeymoon was fabulous! 10 days with my best friend on the beach with unlimited Diet Coke, Chips, & Guacamole? Yes please!

Here are a few things that I would tell every bride, because apparently having a wedding makes me feel like a professional…

1.) Spend at LEAST a week on your honeymoon. We decided on 10 days. You only get a honeymoon once. Yes, I know you can go on vacations! But a wedding is a lot of work and it is an emotionally draining day, in the BEST way! But you will need some time to relax and de-compress after the wedding! Plus, for the REST of your life you get to cook meals and make your bed! Take some time to be pampered!

2.) Two of the BEST investments we made at our wedding were for our Photographer & Videographer. Our wedding day went by SO fast! In reality, it really is only 24 hours and some of those hours you are sleeping! So by having beautiful photos and a wonderful video, it helps me remember all of the beautiful moments that FLEW by!

3.) Marriage is FABULOUS. Really. I don’t know why people aren’t all running around yelling about how great marriage is all the time! Living with my best friend is my favorite. Getting to celebrate lots of “Firsts”. Like the first load of laundry, first Saturday Morning, first time I spilt water all over the floor. But I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how someday the “honeymoon will be over”. But instead, I have also heard people say “In marriage, you get out of it what you put into it.” And THAT is what I am choosing to believe. We know there will be mountain top days, valley days, and normal days but in the midst of ALL of them I will choose to respond with love instead of selfishness. Yes, I know there will be moments when I fail, but I’m so grateful that Kyle doesn’t fill out a report card and expect me to be perfect. I really am the luckiest girl.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our trip to Cabo, and I put our highlight video below in case you want to see a little preview from the best day of our lives!

Here is the Highlight Video!!!:

Kelsey and Kyle from TSP Video on Vimeo.

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  1. Tyandgail Forsberg says:

    Beautiful! So happy for you all!

  2. Lauren Huntington says:

    So happy for you…it was a beautiful day and a great start to your beautiful life together!!

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