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Every Year, Whether I FEEL like it or not.

Jan 8

I read somewhere when I first started photographing weddings that a photographer should spend time in front of the camera at least once a year to remember how it feels to be photographed. Since reading this, I have made it a priority. And can I be honest? Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t so good at remembering things. Because I don’t always want to get my photo taken.


Sometimes, it’s scary. Sometimes, I don’t FEEL beautiful, FEEL attractive, or FEEL photogenic. So I put it off. And tell myself that it can wait. And I think that sometimes, we all feel that way. We might not be feeling like we look our best. Or feel like spending $$ taking photos that we are not sure we are going to like.

But every time. EVERY TIME. I end up falling in love with some of the images and realizing that what I FEEL about myself is not always true.

I might FEEL like I am a #hotmess. I might feel insecure, or like my skin is imperfect, my hair is a mop, my trunk has a little more junk than I want.

So let me be completely honest when I say, I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. 

But how I feel is not ever what shows up in the images. What shows up in the images is joy. and love. and reality.

I get the feelings that you might have about stepping in front of the camera. You might feel as though your body is different now than it was before you had 3 babies. But can I tell you something? It probably is.

You probably look different than you did when you were 20. Or 30. Or 16. Or 40. But look at all of the goodness around you. Your body might be different, but you now have those beautiful babies. You might have more wrinkles on your face than you did. But let’s be grateful that you with each wrinkle is another year that you have spent enjoying your family and friends.

I think it’s hard to accept any kind of change. And especially when it comes to our appearances. It’s HARD to see that we might not look the same in a bathing suit that we did when we were 21 years old. So we hide. We hide from the camera. We hide under baggy sweatshirts and messy buns. Because we hope that if it isn’t documented that we have changed, then maybe we haven’t.

But in doing so, we are missing out. On seeing ourselves through someone else’s eyes. On seeing our smile and laughter captured on the camera of a stranger, or a friend. By someone who desires only to show you the beautiful parts of yourselves. We are our own worst critics, am I right?

So can I challenge you with something this year? No More Hiding. Make this a priority. Make you a priority. Allow someone to show you how beautiful you are, or your family is, or your relationship is. Get in front of the camera. Because you deserve to see yourself through someone else’s eyes. And those picture frames around your house could use some bright images of your beautiful self!

So, I took my own advice, once again. Kyle and I took a weekend trip to Portland for my birthday in October. And it was time for us to get in front of the camera. To remember how it feels to be photographed. We had a shoot with the wonderful Olivia Strohm Photography. She captured us, being us. And looking through the images I am reminded over and over again that my husband can make me laugh harder than anyone else. That I close my eyes when I think something is really funny. That we are snuggly. That we are in love. I will forever treasure these photos of us drinking coffee together.

View Olivia’s Website Here, She’s AMAZING :




Cheers Love,


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  1. Lauren Huntington says:

    As always- LOVE!

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