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…Because Monday…Thoughts on Encouragement.

Nov 25

Today has been one of those days. You know, the days where EVERYTHING seems to be going not as planned, and people seem to say those words that just sting?

So, tonight, my mom and best friend brought over pasta and salad for dinner while my husband was out to a movie with my dad. We ate dinner standing in the kitchen because we were all too hungry to walk to the table. We watched some of “The Princess Diaries” because who DOESN’T love that movie? And they let me just spill. Pour out all of the crazy, all of the frustration, all of the discouragement. And they listened. I needed it. I needed to be heard.

It got me thinking. About the true power we have to impact the people around us.

Yesterday, Kyle opened the door when I got home with a card and flowers. I was so surprised, and a little confused. I wondered if I forgot an important date or something! I opened his card, he wrote on the front “Because Monday”.

(I’m crying while I’m writing this. Just so you have an accurate mental picture.)

In his card, he wrote. “Babe, here are some flowers. For you. Because Monday.”

He went on to write things like “Because you deserve it. Because you are kind. Because you are beautiful.” You get the picture.

You know, there wasn’t a specific REASON, per say, that he did that. But he didn’t need one, and he didn’t want one. Because it was Monday, he thought I should have some encouragement.

The fact is this, that I am forgetful. I need reminders, verbal reminders. That I am loved. That I am smart. That I am capable. CAPABLE. That’s a big one.

When was the last time you were told you were CAPABLE? That the dream you have is not impossible. Those words are so freeing. They are SO needed.

Encouragement can come in the smallest forms. In fact, while writing this, I had a client text me these words, “Oh.My.Gosh!!!! You got some GREAT pics!!! I was doubtful with the crazy weather!!! You are SUCH a talented photographer!!!” I opened it, read it, and cried.

I think if we were honest with ourselves, and each other, we can all admit that we would love to be encouraged more. It is like gasoline in my gas tank. Encouragement keeps me going. And we have the power to encourage those around us. SO easily. To see the areas where someone might be doubting themselves, and remind them that I BELIEVE IN YOU. To send a text, to call, to meet up, and remind people that they are loved, needed, appreciated, beautiful.

“Pleasant words are a honeycomb, Sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” – Proverbs 16:24

Proverbs literally says that kind words can bring HEALING. I’m not saying that your cold is going to disappear because someone told you they liked your outfit. But I think that discouragement can disappear. Depression can disappear. Sadness can subside. Rejection can run away. Because of a kind word spoken at the right time.

So if you have a nice thought. Speak it. If you have a bad day, tell your friend. They will be able to encourage you. To let you know that it’s all gonna be okay.

And sometimes, that’s all it takes.

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  1. Sheryl Blome says:

    You are a great writer. By our word pictures capture emotions that we all feel but have a hard time putting into words.. Great blog post, thanks fir not mentioning that I fell asleep on your couch, love you Mom

  2. Julianne Bentler DeShayes says:

    Like I said before, if you ever leave photography, you have a future in writing. I love your blog posts as much as your pictures!!

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