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A Year in Review : 2014, You Rocked!

Jan 1

2014 was INCREDIBLE. Let’s just be real! We are so excited to finally be married, moved in to our house, and back in the swing of shooting weddings!

We took January – April off for wedding planning & our honeymoon, but once May hit…We were back at it for shooting 5 weddings, along with moving into our house right in the middle! We stayed consistently busy through most of the summer and ended with our last wedding of 2014 on 12/13/14 at Suncadia in Roslyn, WA!

I feel like I have never felt more proud of my work as a photographer than this year. I feel like I have found my style and Kyle and I are working together with what feels like the same brain. He has been the biggest support on a wedding day and continues to get shots that amaze me!

So far we are well into filling up the calendar with 2015 weddings and have some beautiful venues that we will be shooting at for the first time! Ray’s Boathouse in Seattle, DeLille Cellars in Woodinville, and Alexander’s Country Inn in Ashford, WA are just a few of the ones that I am looking forward to!

Here are some of my favorite moments from 2014. Take a look and ENJOY! 

2015-01-01_0003 2015-01-01_0004 2015-01-01_0005 2015-01-01_0006 2015-01-01_0007 2015-01-01_00082015-01-01_0009 2015-01-01_0010 2015-01-01_0011 2015-01-01_0012 2015-01-01_0013 2015-01-01_0014 2015-01-01_0015 2015-01-01_0017 2015-01-01_00162015-01-01_0029



2015-01-01_0019 2015-01-01_0020 2015-01-01_0021


2015-01-01_0022 2015-01-01_0024 2015-01-01_0025 2015-01-01_0026 2015-01-01_0027 2015-01-01_0028

2015-01-01_0030 2015-01-01_0031 2015-01-01_0032 2015-01-01_0034 2015-01-01_0035

If you are planning a wedding and are looking for a photographer, I’d LOVE to take you to coffee and chat with you! We LOVE what we do, and are confident that you will be happy with your images!

For More Info :

Thanks friends for making it SUCH a great year!

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