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A Look Back : 2013, You Were Beautiful.

Jan 2

Wow, is it really January 2nd? I honestly have no idea how sometimes, days seem to go by so slowly, but it seems months FLY by. 2013 was a fantastic year, for multiple reasons. The most exciting thing was when Kyle asked me to marry him. Read about his proposal : HERE. But there has been so much else that has happened!

My photography dreams have exploded. Honestly, I never thought that I ACTUALLY could do this. That I would be able to become a wedding photographer and do what I love as my job. Honestly, I had so many doubts, and SO many fears. Stepping out into the unknown can be scary, but risk is SO worth it in the end. I started the year with a post-it note of things I wanted to accomplish in 2013. The first item on the list was to shoot 10 weddings. Honestly, I felt like nothing could have been more impossible. When I wrote the number “10” down, I honestly thought people would laugh at me. I thought they would tell me it was impossible. I heard someone say once that it is best to say your dreams out loud. That way, when they come true, everyone will celebrate with you. And while you are waiting on them to come true, you have people who can walk with you through the hard moments when all that fills your mind is doubt. I told some of my closest friends and family, and they told me that I would do it. They assured me. And yes, I doubted them.

Well, instead of shooting 10 weddings in 2013, I shot 15. And then my heart exploded. NOTHING could have made me more happy than to know that I would be able to capture 15 beautiful weddings and make 30 new friends.

Here is a look back at the 15 beautiful weddings that I shot this year, and my 30 new friends.

Sarah & AJ : 01.20.13

Carissa & Jarred : 02.15.13

Mikka & Sebastian : 04.07.13 

Liz & Connor : 06.08.13

Laura & Herb : 07.05.13

Alison & Ja’Rel : 07.06.13

Amber & Andy : 07.19.13

Cheryl & Billy : 08.10.13

Stephenie & Ryan : 08.17.13

Whitney & Daniel : 09.07.13

Rachel & Luke : 09.15.13

Kayla & Andrew : 10.12.13

Rosemary & Pierce : 10.13.13 

Jessica & Travis : 10.18.13

Joanna & David : 12.21.13

2014, you have a lot to live up to!

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