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7 Must Have Registry Items

Sep 23

Since Kyle and I have been married for a little over a year and a half, its been fun to see all of the items that we have been able to use that we were given for our wedding. But there are also the things we felt like we were “supposed” to add to our registry, that are honestly…still in the packages. We’ve gotten a lot of wedding invitations, and I always love to take a peek at the registries to see what people are registering for. And sometimes, I feel like there are so many VITAL things missing! So I thought I would give my 2 cents as to the things we use the most! 🙂

We decided to register at Target and Macys, because those stores have things that we like, are close to where we live, and also where Kyle’s family is from (Wisconsin).

Here are the 7 things that I think EVERY couple could use!

1.) Extra Drinking Glasses.

We registered for some simple glasses from Macys. However, they came in a set of 12. We decided to add (2) sets of 8 to our wish list. BEST DECISION EVER. It might just be me, but I think most people can attest to the fact that glasses break and chip easily. We have been so grateful that we had some extra in our garage to add to our cupboards when we have broken a few of them while unloading the dishwasher.

2.) QUALITY Pots, Pans, & Knives

We registered for a set of Analon Pots & Pans from Macys. They were not the most expensive set, but they were definitely not the cheapest. After our wedding, we used our gift cards to purchase the set of pots and pans that we had registered for. I am SO grateful that we decided to buy the pans I REALLY wanted. They still look new, and they cook perfectly!

Even if you feel like the set you want is really expensive and nobody will buy it, ADD it to your registry! A lot of stores have ‘”completion discounts”, and we got 15% off of everything on our registry after our wedding for 6 months!

3.) Outdoor Equipment or Things for your Hobbies

We like to camp, and decided that we would add a few essentials to the list. Even if you aren’t a big camper or adventurer, I recommend adding an ice chest to your list! We have used ours a lot over the past year and are super grateful we had it on our registry! If you are super avid adventurers, R.E.I. has a registry option so that you can get some more heavy duty equipment, but we just added 2 sleeping bags, an air mattress, and a tent to our Target registry. The Air Mattress has also come in handy when we have had a house full of guests!

Someone told us to add board games to our registry. Oh my goodness. They were the FIRST items bought off our registry! Some people want to give you a fun gift, and if you are game players, or if you have a hobby, adding a few non-necessity items are a great addition. We also put an Apple TV on our Target registry!

4.) Dutch Oven 

Honestly, a dutch oven was not on our registry…Because I already had been given 2 as gifts from my parents. But this is an item that you will use for so many purposes. Soups, spaghetti sauce, pot roast, homemade bread, Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork (MY FAVORITE). It is such a versatile item because it can be used in the oven as well as on the stovetop. Plus, these babies LAST. If you are about name brands, Le Creuset would be the top-of-the-line. But the ones I have are Martha Stewart Collection from Macy’s and I think they look just as beautiful and work just as good!

5.) A Mix of Classic & Bold Pieces

I learned by watching friends, that sometimes having lime green dinner plates can get old quickly. While some patterns and colors might be on-trend right now, chances are you might want to chuck it in the trash after a few years. We decided to go with a classic white for our plates/bowls/etc. Then, when choosing serving platters, table runners, and chargers, that is where I got a little more bold with the colors and patterns. Purchasing a new serving platter or table runner can be a lot less expensive than a whole new set of dishes! So pick something that you feel like you want to look at for a few years!

6.) Crock Pot

Holy Moley. If I didn’t have a crockpot. I don’t even know. I would have never learned how to make slow cooker marinara (sing sweet praises) or homemade chicken broth. I also would have been missing out on one of the easiest yummiest ways to cook a quick dinner. If you are on the go, this is a life saver. Just put some ingredients in the crock pot in the morning, and come home to a yummy meal at night. I feel like the crock pot is my fairy godmother. For reals.

We had a super smart mama gift us a crock pot with a timer on it, which I would have never thought I needed. Thank goodness we have smart people in our lives! That way, I can put something in, and if I don’t get home in time, it will automatically switch to “Warm” instead of cooking once the timer runs out.

7.) Extra Linens

And by linens, I mean towels and sheets. We realized very shortly that having a clumsy wife + white bedding was not always the best decision. After spilling a cup of coffee on our bed, I realized that extra sheets are a MUST. That way you don’t have to stay awake until your sheets are dry! Plus, extra towels for when guests are in town, or….for those weeks when laundry is at the bottom of the to-do list.

So there you go!!! Some of my favorites!

Do your own thing! Register for things YOU like, and things you think you will use!

There are a few items that were on the “registry checklists” that we still haven’t used….So think about the things YOU like to cook, and you like to use. We didn’t register for expensive china, because that’s just not my style. But we DID register for just about every size measuring cup and baking dish because this girl loves to get her bake on! So if something seems super unnecessary, don’t worry about it!

Happy Wedding Planning Friends!

I would love to hear what YOUR “Must Have” Kitchen/Home items are and what YOU would have added to this list!? Feel free to comment below!

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