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33 Years. Happy Anniversary, Blomes!!!

Apr 30

33 years looks good on these two.

Happy Anniversary to my lovely parents,

If you have met them, chances are you will remember it. These two are full of personality. They not only laugh loudly, but the love hard. They love people well. They are generous. Oh, you guys, they are the most generous people I have ever known. They have shared their home, their finances, their vehicles, their time, their love, their extra bedrooms, their camping trips, and their sense of humor with countless people.

They consistently show me that communication is one of the most important skills in a marriage. That learning how to apologize and forgive needs to be the foundation of any healthy relationship. And that life is too short to eat bland food. These two enjoy life. They are the most fun to go on vacation with. But they have also taught me how to rest. How sometimes, all you need is a night off, wrapped up in a blanket.

Their marriage has been an example to me for my whole life. They have gone through good days and bad days, but through the challenges that life brings, they have remained faithful and committed to each other.

I could not be prouder to be their daughter.

I am so in love with these two humans, it hurts.

Happy Anniversary, M&D. Love you so big.


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  1. Galadriel Hardebeck says:

    Your parents are truly amazing and you forgot to mention how they raised up such an amazing daughter who puts all that she learned from them into practice in her own life. I love you Blome family!!

  2. Jerry Blome says:

    You are the sweetest and the best
    and what i learn from you is what i need to know, and it makes me and Ma better

    Mo betta!!
    All grown up
    Future author
    Best seller

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