Best of 2018 : Weddings

Wow. As another year begins it is such an incredible feeling to look back on the last year and see all of the things that we were able to accomplish in our business.

2018 was incredible. We photographed 11 beautiful wedding days and made some lifelong memories & friendships.

This year, we knew we needed to focus on quality over quantity – and in doing so, cut back the amount of weddings that we were going to be photographing. We can honestly say that it was the very best decision for not only us – but for our clients.

We truly are so lucky to have been a part of each one of these wedding days. If only I could show you every single moment we were able to capture – you would fall in love with each of our couples. But – as you look through these images – I hope you are able to get a glimpse of each of these couples. Each wedding was so incredibly unique and had different moments that made each day feel new and special.

While you look through, we hope you feel two things. Joy & Love. These are the words that we strive for. A wedding is full of celebration. By not only the couple, but families, friends, and guests. We have truly been able to photograph some PARTIES! Also, LOVE. Not only do we get to capture the love between our couples – but between parents and their children, between siblings, between friends who have grown up together, and between families who are now adding a new member to their families.

We are starting 2019 so proud of all that we accomplished in 2018 & so grateful for each one of these people pictured. They truly made this year one we will absolutely never forget.

Cheers, Friends. And now – for the images that made this year.

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Madison & Brayden : Shooting Star Gardens Wedding : Maple Valley, WA

Madison & Brayden.
I have endless amounts of love for these two and their families. Madison & Brayden’s Wedding day was one of the most incredible days. I was ready to put on a beautiful blue dress and become one of the bridesmaids because this bridal party was amazing & made us feel so welcome.
What I love most about weddings is that every wedding day can have the same traditional elements – but each couple and their family + friends is what truly makes the wedding day unique and one of a kind. One of my favorite moments from this wedding is that Madison & Brayden chose to read their handwritten vows privately to each other following their first look. We were able to photograph that moment for them – and I shared some tears during it.
The ceremony was full of celebration and emotion. As they walked back down the aisle, Brayden surprised Madison by picking her up and carrying her back down the aisle. What we didn’t know at the time – was that Brayden’s father did the exact same thing at his wedding to Brayden’s mom, Sheri. She posted a side-by-side of the two images on Facebook & it gave me goosebumps. It was a photo he had seen growing up & made this moment and photo even more special.
The toasts given by friends, siblings, and family members were all heartfelt and made everyone laugh & cry. At the end of the day, we got in the car & were so grateful for the friends we made & the things we get to witness each and every wedding day.
Our clients are something special. Just the best people you could ever meet.
Vendors :
Venue : Shooting Star Event Gardens
Catering : New York Catering
Photographer : Kelsey Lynne Photography
Florist : Anna Brandt at Distinctive Designs Florist
Hair : Megan Fleck
Makeup : Gabrae at Stan Parente Salons
Bride’s Dress : Bellevue Bridal Boutique
Cupcakes : Gracene’s Cupcake Boutique
Bartending : Bartenders To-Go

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Tara & Darren : Mountain View Manor Wedding

They met on the train…

The sweetest beginning to this beautiful love story. I’ve been waiting 8 years to write this blog post. The day my best friend got married.

Last December, Darren proposed to Tara during a family photo shoot & we were able to capture the proposal. It was one of my favorite moments – until June 2nd, 2018. Because their wedding day is one I will never forget. Tara was the most beautiful bride. The first look, when Darren saw Tara for the first time is one moment that I will never forget. Their handwritten vows were perfect. The toasts were full of laughter, and some tears. The dances were sweet, memorable, and the dance party was SO FUN. It truly was a celebration. Of two people starting a life together. Of families getting to watch as Tara & Darren’s marriage began. Of friends coming together to celebrate these two and their incredible love story.  This will forever be one of my favorite days.

Tara asked if I would be her Maid-of-Honor & I obviously said yes. But I also knew that Kyle & I would be the wedding photographers and knew that we would never regret the decision to do both! Being able to capture her wedding day was one of the best gifts I could have ever given her – and I was so happy to hear and see her reactions when she saw the photos for the first time. I switched between bridesmaid dress & photographer dress a few times throughout the wedding day & would do it all again to be able to not only be her maid-of-honor but also her photographer. It was worth every second of running around.

The wedding was held at Mountain View Manor in Enumclaw, WA. The team of vendors who they hired for their wedding was seriously my All-Star Dream Cast of people. The weather was perfect & every detail was full of thoughtfulness and beauty!

Venue : Mountain View Manor

Floral & Event Design + Styling : Kaleb Norman James Design

Catering : Cascadia Pizza Co.

DJ : DJ Brent

Hair : Kristy from Stan Parente Salon in Maple Valley

Makeup : Arianne from Makeup With Me

Photography : Kelsey Lynne Photography

Videography : Ryan McDonough

Rentals : CORT Party Rentals

Day-of Coordinator : Melody Herrera

Dress : BHLDN


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Feeling Overwhelmed with Wedding Plans? READ THIS.

Hey friend,

I’ve been in your shoes. Feeling Stressed & Overwhelmed. The wedding is coming soon & you are suddenly feeling like there is so much you have to do, decide on, coordinate, PAY FOR, and figure out before the wedding day actually arrives.

It can feel a little daunting. You might be tempted to look at your fiancé and suggest a quick trip to Las Vegas to say “I do” with Elvis officiating the ceremony. I get you! I’ve had more than one client tell me that this conversation happened in the weeks & months leading up to the wedding day.

Can I be real with you for a minute?

It’s all going to work out.

I promise.

Because, at the END of the wedding day, guess what? You will leave as husband and wife. And that is the only thing that REALLY matters.

The rest of it. It’s just a bonus.

The beautiful dress. The fresh flowers. The amazing meal. The dessert. The toasts. The dancing. The menu cards. Or centerpieces. Or million other little details? Those are all a bonus. They are things that add to the beauty of the day.

They aren’t what makes the wedding day beautiful.

What makes the wedding day beautiful is the fact that at the end of the day, you are MARRIED.

The wedding day doesn’t make your marriage. Your wedding day is the start of your marriage. But it’s marriage that is beautiful. It’s choosing, with the people you love surrounding you & supporting you – to bind your life with another. To choose to love, honor, and protect each other. To choose each other. In a million different ways.

And MARRIAGE is what we are celebrating on your wedding day.

So, while you are feeling overwhelmed. Remember – the wedding is just the first day of your marriage & there is no right way to have a wedding. If your wedding is extravagant and full of beautiful, curated details? IT WILL BE BEAUTIFUL.

If your wedding is simple & full of homemade details? IT WILL BE BEAUTIFUL.

Take a deep breath.

Grab your fiancé, put your phones away, and go on a walk. Or grab a cup of coffee together. While you are planning your wedding, also make sure to plan your marriage. Dream about the things you want to do in your first year of marriage. Or in your 5th year. Or in your 35th year. Dream about the traditions you want to start. Maybe it’s homemade breakfast every Saturday morning. Or Thursday Nextflix & Pizza Nights. Or Tuesday Game Nights with the neighbors. Or double dates every month with your best friends. Dream about the things that will happen once the wedding day is over.

Your wedding is going to be beautiful. And your marriage will be incredible.

Don’t let the details stress you out & make you feel overwhelmed. Remember what the day is about & know that it all will be PERFECT.





Best of 2017 : Weddings

Wow, am I really writing this blog right now? It seems honestly like just yesterday I was meeting with all of these couples over cheeseboards & coffee to talk about their 2017 Weddings! This year felt like it FLEW by faster than normal.

This year we knew we were going to be selling our house & moving in the middle of wedding season, so we decided we were only going to photograph 12 weddings. Well, because we had some of the SWEETEST couples contact us, we photographed 14 beautiful weddings. Some were people we had never met before, some were longtime friends, a few were referrals from our past brides & grooms. But they were all so perfect.

Each year it is so hard to take all of the images we have from our weddings & condense it down into one blog post. But we are so in love with our clients, the moments they trust us to capture, and the memories we make along the way – we LOVE being able to show you a glimpse into what we spend our year dreaming about, photographing, and doing! From the details, to the couples, & the emotions – we truly do have the best job in the world.

2017 Brides & Grooms, You are PERFECTION. We are so grateful to have met you & been trusted to capture the first day of your marriage. We love calling you our friends.

Now, grab a cup of coffee, a warm blanket, & snuggle down to look through some of the most beautiful images of the most gorgeous couples!

The Details :

The Couples :

The Emotions :

The Portraits :


We are now booking for 2018 Weddings & Portrait Sessions! If you or someone you know is looking for a photographer, we would LOVE to meet you & take you to coffee!

We’re not just your wedding photographers, we’re your friends. We work with couples who love to celebrate; who we’d love to go on a double date with; and who we could imagine becoming our friends. This friendship results in a personalized, stress-free experience and images that perfectly captures your day.