You Can’t Do It All.

Want to know one of the best things I’ve heard about life & balance???

“You can’t do it all, & do it all well.” 


There is something in me that wants to argue. YES I CAN. I CAN KEEP IT TOGETHER. I CAN DO ALL OF THE THINGS. I CAN. JUST WATCH ME TRY TRY TRY.

But you know what the other part of me thinks?

Praise. The. Lord.

Because I can’t do it all. And there is something in me that takes a deep breath when someone tells me that I don’t have to.

As much as I would love to be able to. As much as I would love to tell the world that “I HAVE MY LIFE TOGETHER”! Nothing slips through the cracks. I am on top of it 100% of the time! My to-do list is consistently getting shorter!

Oh you guys.

2017 kicked my butt.

I am left here at the end just realizing more and more again that holding myself to a standard of perfection brings no life. It brings stress. Overwhelm. Frustration. All of the negative things.

I heard once that each day you have to choose the things you are going to be good at.

Family, Cooking, Laundry, Friends, Photography, Blogging, Exercise, Hair & Makeup, Errands, Phone Calls, E-mails, Texts, Social Media. The list goes on.

These are all things that I wish I could cram into each & every day. I wish I had hours to give to each one of them.

But what happened when I realized that each day I could choose the things to focus on and be good at *JUST* those things. Then, the next day, I could be good at different things.

There is a part of me that wishes I could balance all of the things EACH DAY.

Or even EACH WEEK.

But what if I finally realize that there isn’t a time limit on which I have to do all of the things. There is nobody handing out awards as I put on my pajamas at the end of the day telling me how well I did.

And if I am running around everyday *trying* to do it all, but being mentally exhausted, stressed, & overwhelmed in the process – I’m forgetting the most important part of ALL THE THINGS.

I think so often we forget that we have the power to create a life we love.

When I am feeling overwhelmed by my schedule, it’s hard to admit that I AM THE ONE THAT MADE IT SO FULL.

When I am feeling overwhelmed by the fact that I haven’t made time for my girlfriends – I AM THE ONE THAT SAID YES TO WORK INSTEAD OF FRIENDSHIP.

And you know what part of this balance equation that I so often forget to add in?





The things that *feel* like they have to be earned.

Ya, I will rest when I _________.

Or we will plan a weekend away once we ____________.

2018 is already well underway, but I am still realizing that I can resolve to rest more. To say “No” to things that don’t matter so that I can say “YES” to things that do matter.

Jen Hatmaker said once, “If it’s not a ‘HELL YES’, it’s a NO.”

I’ve been thinking of that so much when opportunities come up. So many good opportunities are presented to us every day. But by saying yes to everything, sometimes we end up saying no to important things in the process.

You don’t have to do it all every day. 

Balance might not happen in each and every day. Just look at my laundry baskets. Some days I am on top of the laundry, some days I am not. Some days I am an avid blogger, and some days it’s the last thing I have time for. There aren’t time limits on when we have to do everything. Dreams don’t always have a deadline and neither do relationships. But I am learning that making time for dreams, friends, family, and rest? That is what kind of life I want. I don’t want to always put the fun stuff off in order to work.

In fact, in past years – December had been one of the busiest months for photography. Leaving me running around like a crazy woman trying to get everything edited & returned before Christmas day. I was left exhausted and drained. This year – I put some boundaries on it. I had certain days that I would work, but way more that I wouldn’t. And you know what? My business is still thriving. And so am I. I didn’t wake up on Christmas morning completely zapped of all energy. I had time to ENJOY the holidays and spend time with family and friends.

That’s what I want for you. And for me. I want us to work hard, but not work all the time. To really make some time for the good things, the fun things. The things that we so often sacrifice in order to get more accomplished.

Because I am pretty sure we won’t regret the hours spent doing the things that matter most to us. 

“You can’t do it all, and do it all well.” 

Cheers Friends,



Work Hard, Rest Well

Earlier this year I was pondering life. Just kidding, I was writing an Instagram caption from a weekend trip that Kyle took me on. And I wrote out the words “Work Hard, Play Hard.”

…and I quickly shook my head and erased it.

During this weekend away, we were doing absolutely no “playing hard”. We were resting. We binge watched 2 seasons of the Office. We ordered room service. I took hot baths and a million naps.

So instead I typed out the phrase,

 “Work Hard, Rest Well”. 

It has since been my motto for 2017. I have had moments when the idea of resting feels so far away. Selling a house, buying a house, and moving all in the midst of wedding season. LOL. Let me just kick back with a pina colada and eat some chocolate…NEXT YEAR.

So here I am. Smack in the midst of transition.

Our new home won’t be ready for us to move in for a few months, and my parents are being so gracious and saving us all the money by letting us stay in their spare room. Before you roll your eyes, let me tell you – it is going super well. And my mom is some sort of laundry magician. In the midst of listing/selling our house, I apparently lost the ability to do laundry, except for the necessities. Within 24 hours of moving in to her home, she had done 9 loads of my laundry. NINE. I cried. Actual tears. It was the best gift.

Back to the point…

I am the kind of person who like to get things done. I like work. I like running my business. I enjoy it. But with that means that sometimes I have a hard time saying “no” or turning off my laptop and stopping work. Because, News Flash, the work never ends. There is always something we COULD be doing.

The blessing of running your own business is that you are your own boss. So if I think pajamas are acceptable editing attire (which they ARE), I get to call those shots. But the opposite side of that coin – is that there is nobody telling you “you’ve done enough today, go home, it can wait until tomorrow.”

Ok. I lied. My husband tells me those things. So do my parents. So does my bestie. They have to remind me consistently that the work can wait until tomorrow, and that I don’t have to do everything on my to-do list in the next 12 hour period.

So. The working hard thing. I’ve got that down.

And I think a lot of us do.

But the RESTING part.

That’s where the tension is. The struggle. The part of the equation that I/we are still trying to figure out.

Because a life of endless work and play will be a life that we burn out quickly from. Going from one mountain top to the next, like being on a consistent zip line will leave us begging for moments to catch our breath. We can work hard and we can play hard, but there is a third part of the equation that is necessary to be whole.

The resting part is the habit we have to form. The lesson we have to learn over and over. The thing that doesn’t come naturally.

Work is like riding a bike. Once you learn, you never forget. But rest. Rest is more complex. Rest is the lesson I keep coming back to, the one I have to remind myself of as seasons pass.

I’ve found that the things I crave in the seasons of busy are not wild river rafting trips or late night dance parties. In the midst of working hard, I crave rest instead of play.

The things I crave are simple. 

A meal with our best friends.

Getting a pedicure with one of my favorite girls.

Reading a book in the sunshine.

Waking up slow with a cup of good coffee.

A walk after the sun has gone down when the day cools off.

Deep Breaths.

A hot bath.

Catching up with a friend on the phone.

Writing a letter.

Browsing Amazon for a new book to read.

Putting on a face mask & washing my face super well.

Making soup.

Listening to Josh Garrells.

A night away with my husband.

Searching Pinterest for how to make Panang Curry.

I think so often when we hear the word REST we assume that we have to be laying down taking a nap. But I’ve learned that doing the things above refresh me. Rest doesn’t have to mean sleep. It means “to cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, and recover strength.”

BOOYAH. Recover Strength? Bless.

I knew this rest thing was necessary.

I am only strong when I am taking time to rest. When I am recovering the strength I am using during all of those work hours.

I know our culture wears “Busy” as a badge of honor. When people ask how we are doing, it’s a common response. And I’m just as guilty of using it as an excuse.

And with my business being so visible on social media, I feel that in order for people to think I am doing a good job, I should be consistently posting and shooting…I consistently have to combat this mindset.

Instead, I realized that what I need. What my husband needs. What my family needs. What my friends need. What my clients need…They need me rested. They need me refreshed. They need me taking care of myself so that I don’t hit that point of burnout.

So, tonight, I am going to do a few things on my to-do list and then I’m going to snuggle up with my favorite blanket and a book I am loving. I’m going to remind myself that I need rest JUST as much as I need work.

Maybe you need to be reminded also.

Rest Well,



Photo of Our Room by : Echo Photography


PostHotel Leavenworth

We had one weekend off in the middle of summer wedding season. I had been following PostHotel Leavenworth for a while waiting for them to be open and watching their social media like a hawk. When they posted about some preview weekends available & one happened to be on our one weekend off – I got my best negotiating skills and sat down to show Kyle. It didn’t take much convincing, because this place is AMAZING. We stayed for 2 nights, and loved every moment of our stay.

The property and rooms are immaculate. Everything has been designed and put together to feel like a slice of Europe right in the middle of Washington. From the marble bathtub in every room, to the wellness area complete with multiple steam rooms and pools, we were in Heaven.

Breakfast and lunch are provided, along with the coziest bathrobes and slippers to make sure you feel 1,000% comfortable. Anyone who knows us knows how much we love a good cheeseboard – and each meal was complete with fresh breads, fruits, meats, and cheeses for us to sample. YUM. The lattes were fabulous. Every evening at 8:00 they invite you for desserts and coffee as well.

We rested, read, relaxed, and soaked in the sun. The pools. YOU GUYS, the pool had underwater music. I kid you not. Our room had a fireplace. The bed was so comfortable, I slept like a rock the whole weekend.


We didn’t do any spa treatments, but some friends we made on our trip did – and said the massage was the best she’s had in her life. I believe it.

Everything was excellent and the staff were warm, welcoming, and incredibly lovely.

I brought my camera and snapped a few photos. 🙂 Just for you to see! 


And, of course, some iPhone photos! 


To check out PostHotel Leavenworth, Visit their Website : 

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