Best of Portraits : 2017

Best of Portraits : 2017

Am I really writing this blog again? I swear I JUST posted the 2016 year in review post last week….

In 8 years, the best part of the job is not only the photos we take – but the people we meet. As you look through this post, you will see families, baby bumps, kids, couples. You will see some people who we have photographed over and over again. Clients who have become our friends. Couples who had us photograph their wedding & now have us photograph their families. And you will see some people for the first time.

We will never get tired of these portrait sessions, because they are a chance for us to meet new people & see some others year after year!

This year we focused on bright, candid images! We LOVE the outfits our clients chose! Also – if you are planning a session, look at these families! Perfect proof that you don’t all have to wear the same color or pattern for your photos to look good! We also tried more and more to photograph at the times of the days with the most beautiful light in order to allow for even BETTER images!

As I created this post, it put into perspective how much can happen in a year. We are so grateful to the people who trusted us to photograph these moments for their families & in their lives. We know that getting updated photos in each season can feel like an investment, but I promise that it is one that you will be grateful that you have made. Not only do you deserve beautiful images of yourself and your lives, but photos are one of the best things that help us remember. When looking at these, I am instantly back into the moments that happened when I took the photos & I know the feeling is the same for our clients. So, if there is one thing that you can take from this – it’s that you deserve beautiful photos in EVERY season.

Now, let me introduce you to our beautiful clients.


The Families : 

The Kids : 

The Baby Bumps : 

The Couples : 

Justin & Heidi Monuteaux – BeFree Counseling

Heidi has been one of my favorite people to work with over the past few years. She first came to one of my DSLR workshops to learn how to use her camera better! I was so excited when she asked me to take some photos of her and her husband, Justin for their business. Justin & Heidi are the owners of BeFree Counseling. After an afternoon with them, I can honestly tell you that they are warm, welcoming, and fantastic. If you are looking for a counselor in the Maple Valley area, I highly recommend them!

Plus, they brought this BEAUTIFUL blue sofa to incorporate in their photos. You will see how fantastic bringing it made the shoot! I loved that we could have a variety of standing & seated images!

Here are some of my favorites from their session!



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