Best of Portraits : 2017

Best of Portraits : 2017

Am I really writing this blog again? I swear I JUST posted the 2016 year in review post last week….

In 8 years, the best part of the job is not only the photos we take – but the people we meet. As you look through this post, you will see families, baby bumps, kids, couples. You will see some people who we have photographed over and over again. Clients who have become our friends. Couples who had us photograph their wedding & now have us photograph their families. And you will see some people for the first time.

We will never get tired of these portrait sessions, because they are a chance for us to meet new people & see some others year after year!

This year we focused on bright, candid images! We LOVE the outfits our clients chose! Also – if you are planning a session, look at these families! Perfect proof that you don’t all have to wear the same color or pattern for your photos to look good! We also tried more and more to photograph at the times of the days with the most beautiful light in order to allow for even BETTER images!

As I created this post, it put into perspective how much can happen in a year. We are so grateful to the people who trusted us to photograph these moments for their families & in their lives. We know that getting updated photos in each season can feel like an investment, but I promise that it is one that you will be grateful that you have made. Not only do you deserve beautiful images of yourself and your lives, but photos are one of the best things that help us remember. When looking at these, I am instantly back into the moments that happened when I took the photos & I know the feeling is the same for our clients. So, if there is one thing that you can take from this – it’s that you deserve beautiful photos in EVERY season.

Now, let me introduce you to our beautiful clients.


The Families : 

The Kids : 

The Baby Bumps : 

The Couples : 

Rachael & Michael : Golden Hour Maternity Session

Rachael & Michael are two of the clients that we just want to spend every day with. Rachael is my glamorous bride. Just wait until I get my life together an blog her wedding photos. She is GORGEOUS and always has her outfits on point.

I SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN SURPRISED. Because when she stepped out of the truck in this emerald green jumpsuit for her maternity photos? Dead. She wins the whole world with this outfit.

I loved their maternity session & when I got to drive to their home last month for their in-home maternity session to meet their perfect baby girl? I realized once again how amazing my job is.

I get to meet clients while they are planning their weddings. Then we get to meet all of their family and friends and watch as they exchange vows & say “I Do”. Then, we get to photograph their maternity sessions. And their new babies. And their families. All of the best moments. We adore all of these moments that you let us share with you.

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Can’t Wait to Meet You!

Kels & Kyle


Lauren & Kyle : Snowy Maternity Session

Lauren & Kyle were some of the first people who trusted me to photograph their wedding. I was able to capture them as they said “I Do” almost 5 years ago! Wow, I am so grateful that they trusted me when I was just starting out and I am still in love with their images! Over the past couple years, I have been able to photograph them a few times – but this session is one of my favorites. Lauren is pregnant with their baby girl and she will be arriving in March!

For their maternity session, I wanted to make sure that we were outdoors. Kyle is an avid outdoorsman, and I felt like the scenery that the Pacific Northwest has to offer totally fit with their style. We got lucky with a giant snowstorm a few days before their session – and the snow could not have been more beautiful! I absolutely love these images, I love these two people, and I am so excited to meet their baby girl!


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Best of 2016 : Portraits

Over the past 12 months – I have been able to not only pursue my passion of being a wedding & portrait photographer – but I have built some friendships with some of the best clients. We are so grateful for not only a year full of weddings, but also being able to have over 100 portrait shoots in the midst of it all.

These images have been taken over all 12 months of the year – some in the freezing cold, some in the hot sun, some in the midst of a rainstorm – and every shoot has been something I am so grateful for!

Thank you so much for trusting me to capture all of your seasons. From finding out you were expecting a baby and your growing baby bump, to the first days of your baby being home as a newborn, from your family & children growing up, to engagements and couples and even 25 year anniversaries.

Two times this year I hosted mini-sessions and both days were full of back-to-back sessions with beautiful families. Two of my favorite days of the year! They are always such a success – our hope is to do 4 mini-session days in 2017 to allow more people to be in on the action!

Now – for the images.

But first – one more time.



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The Hardebeck Family : Waiting for Baby Ava

Now, I don’t normally shoot, edit, and blog the same session within 4 days. This is the exception. But I’m sure you will be able to understand why. Baby Ava is due any day now, and when Alie contacted me about photographing her maternity session, I was overjoyed. I have also been able to photograph her other 2 pregnancies and I absolutely love that I have been able to capture such special moments for their family.

Washington weather was showing off for this California mama with 70 degrees and sunshine this weekend. We even were lucky enough to find a beautiful tree full of blossoms that made the perfect backdrop.

While I am so excited to meet Baby Ava, I am so grateful she waited until after our shoot, because these images are some of my all-time favorites! Now, we are ready to meet you any time, sweet baby girl!



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