Mackenzie & Colten : Olson Mansion Wedding

You are going to LOVE this Olson Mansion Wedding! Just a short drive from Seattle, this wedding venue offers so many beautiful locations on the property for photos and even a few different options for ceremony location.

Colten & Mackenzie’s Wedding was in September and we had the most perfect weather and beautiful light. Their handwritten vows made me cry and I don’t think I was the only guest with tears rolling down my cheeks. From Mackenzie’s first look with her grandpa – to Colten and Kenz’s first look – to running all over the property taking photos. This wedding has some of my all time favorite moments.

If you are looking for a local wedding venue, The Olson Mansion does not disappoint. It is lovely and the barn offers an indoor option in case of our sketchy Pacific Northwest Rain that sometimes surprises us!

Here are some of my favorite images from this BEAUTIFUL September Wedding!

Vendors : 

Venue : The Olson Mansion

Catering : Mama Stortini’s Catering

Photography : Kelsey Lynne Photography

Flowers : Paisley Petals Flower Studio

Dress : Willow Bride in Montana

Hair & Make-Up : Hello Glam!

Megan & Ajay : The Cedar Lodge of Maple Valley Wedding

Megan & Ajay said “I Do” in July. Their wedding day was peaceful & so lovely. They were fully present for all that was happening & took time to really enjoy their day.

I am 100% a fan of when a couple makes a wedding day what THEY want. These two decided that they wanted to do a private first look, which I supported fully. They took some time together, without any cameras or bystanders, to see each other for the first time & have a quiet moment before the hustle & bustle of the wedding day started. Then, we got to drive over to the Cedar River for some portraits of the bride & groom + the bridal party & family.

Ajay’s Father officiated the ceremony. It was personal & very well done. I love when the ceremony comes together to really represent the couple & their relationship. The details of this day were so well thought out. Megan did an amazing job putting together a seamless day and once it was here, I loved watching her enjoy all of what they had created.

Their wedding was held at the Cedar Lodge of Maple Valley. A newer venue, full of rustic & beautiful details.

Now, for the images of this lovely couple!


A HUGE Thank You to this amazing team of vendors! :

Venue : Cedar Lodge of Maple Valley 

Photographer : Kelsey Lynne Photography 

Catering : Double Barrel BBQ 

Dessert : A La Mode Pies

Dress : New Beginnings Bridal Studio

Hair & Make-up : Style Bar Salon 

Flowers : Pam Balding

If you are planning a 2017 or 2018 wedding & are looking for a photographer, we are now booking & would love to chat about your wedding day! 

Jessica & Ryan : Rein Fire Ranch Wedding

Jessica & Ryan are two of the kindest clients we have ever worked with. We absolutely LOVED being able to photograph their wedding last June at Rein Fire Ranch in Ravensdale, WA. Not only is Rein Fire one of our favorite venues, we adore the owners & think they are just top notch with all that they do!

Jessica & Ryan had a beautiful rustic wedding complete with sunshine, sunflowers, and vintage details. These two met at Starbucks & made sure to have some fun details to remind them of where their story began. I love when clients personalize their wedding days!

Here are a few of my favorites from their beautiful wedding day!


Venue : Rein Fire Ranch, Ravensdale, WA |

Photographer : Kelsey Lynne Photography |

Videographer : Knok Studio |

The Best Advice I Can Give Any Bride.

As someone who spends at least half of her weekends every year at weddings, there are MANY things I could tell to any bride who is in the midst of wedding planning. Advice about the schedule of the day, wearing comfortable shoes, waterproof mascara, décor….You get my drift. There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding. But the advice I have has a lot less to do with the wedding day, and a lot more to do with what comes in the first year after the wedding.

I’m speaking as a bride AND a bridesmaid, here. I have been a bridesmaid 10 times. That means 10 up-dos, 10 bridesmaid dresses, 10 specific color and type of shoe searched for and purchased. Bridal showers, bachelorette parties, & being wrapped in toilet paper to resemble a wedding gown more times than I can count.

In the midst of your planning, make sure you take time to just be a friend. Not only a bride.

I don’t mean to sound harsh. I really don’t. I was a bride. I totally understand that in the midst of planning a wedding, your wedding seems like the most important thing. EVER. You are worrying about the guest list, and napkin color, and seating chart, and keeping on track with your budget. You have a million things going on, and sometimes it can get overwhelming. So, I know that the “WEDDING” can be in the forefront of your mind for 6-12 months.

Speaking from personal experience, I have never once been sad when a girlfriend asked me to be a bridesmaid. It was an honor, and I was so glad to be a part of such an important day. Your girlfriends probably feel the same. Which is why they will paint their nails the specific color that you want, wear a dress that they might never otherwise choose, and spend $$ on making sure your bridal showers and bachelorette parties are memorable and fun.

What ends up being the hard part, is when during the planning, the only communication that your friends, family, & fiancé  receive is wedding related.


I’m not big on competition. And I don’t like when people rank who’s life is better/harder/more important. I’m a firm believer that everyone is working through their own things. Good times, hard times, changes, transitions, etc. All of us are dealing with our own mountains.

So, here’s my challenge.

While your girls hand address 8 million wedding invitations, make sure you spend time asking them how THEY are doing. Giving them a call to just check in, sending them a text when you know they have a job interview, or a first date, or are sick at home with the flu. While your family is helping you with setting up and tearing down the most giant party you have ever thrown, take time to go shopping with your mom or on a hike with your dad & brother. While your fiancé is listening to you go over every detail of your invitations, make sure he knows how excited you are not only for the wedding, but also for all of the adventures that will come afterwards.

Because there’s going to be a day when you are no longer planning a wedding. I remember feeling a teensy bit sad when my wedding was over because the planning & the excitement of it all was over. But I was so glad to be able to have my friends over for tacos when we got back from our honeymoon to hear about their new jobs, new boyfriends, and old stories. To have my family over for our first Thanksgiving and make brand new traditions. To settle into life with a new last name, but with the same people who had been there for me through it all.

Weddings are so fun.

But you know what’s even better than a wedding?


Because the wedding is just the kick off to a lifetime of dance parties in your kitchen. Or pasta around your dinner table. Or holidays spent with your new family. Movie nights at home. Trips to the grocery store. New traditions, mixed with childhood traditions. Picking out your first Christmas tree. Meeting your best friend’s new boyfriend. Becoming an aunt for the first time.

So take some time to go to coffee with your fiancé and instead of dreaming about your wedding day, dream about your first year of marriage. Or your first 5 years. Write an list of adventures you want to take together. We did that while we were dating, and we still refer back to it when we are looking for a new idea for date night.

Your wedding is going to be beautiful.

But your marriage is going to be forever.

Make sure that you take some time to plan both.

You’ve Got this,



Sean & Jessica : Farm Kitchen Wedding

Sean & Jessica met me for the first time over some delicious pizza in West Seattle. Pizza that came with a pair of scissors to cut it. THAT was the first clue that these people were going to be some of my favorite clients. We laughed about how being photographed is sometimes uncomfortable and I assured them that I would make them feel comfortable in front of my camera. After the engagement session, Jessica e-mailed and told me that I kept my promise. These two are some of the most photogenic people I know. Honestly. SO easy to photograph. SO fun to be around.

Kyle and I traveled to Poulsbo to The Farm Kitchen for their wedding in May. (Visit their website here : The day was PERFECT. Sunshine and a breeze to keep everyone cool. The venue is immaculate and the ceremony was held outside in the shade. The food was delicious and the toasts made me tear up. I love when friends share stories of how the couple met, it is my favorite.

Sean & Jessica, I love you both! Your day was perfection.

Here are my favorites :

Planning a wedding? Kyle and I would love to photograph it! Visit : for more information!