August 10, 2017

Kyle & Kels : Ireland Adventure Photo Shoot

This past October, Kyle & I took a 12 day adventure to Ireland. It was on both of our bucket list’s before we got married, and so when it came up one night at home – we decided that we needed to get there.

One of the things that was on my dream list was to get some photos taken of us while we were there. Ireland is a BEAUTIFUL country and I wanted to remember not only the things we saw, but this season of our lives. The first 3 years of marriage have been so sweet. I never want to forget our “firsts”. And this was our first major adventure together. It was the farthest we have ever traveled, and the first time to Europe.

After looking online for photographers in Ireland, I came across Claire’s work. Then – I realized we both were a part of a photography group on Facebook and I knew she was the one I wanted to work with! With her schedule & our trip itinerary, the only day that worked out to shoot, was our first day in Ireland! We landed on a Thursday night at 6PM, and scheduled our shoot for Friday at 3:00PM.

To be honest – I was worried I was maybe making us do too much the first day there. But I could not have been more wrong. We barely slept on the plane, so it was easy for us to fall right asleep after we checked into our hotel and had dinner. We ordered Irish Breakfast Room Service and both about fell over when a feast was rolled into our room. (TAKE ME BACK TO IRELAND). Then, after grabbing a Starbucks (DUH), Claire picked us up and drove us to the Howth Cliffs.

I cannot tell you how much we loved our shoot with Claire. She was the kindest person, and acted as a tour guide for the afternoon. She showed us some beautiful areas around Dublin & then after our shoot – we sat in Starbucks and warmed up over some coffee and pastries.

These images will forever be some of my very favorites. I cannot believe I had not blogged them already!

Thank you Claire, you made all of my wishes a reality.

View Claire’s Work :

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