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Hello, July.

Jul 1

I honestly am in shock that it’s actually July. The first half of this year went by so quickly, but it really has been the best year of my life thus far. I am a firm believer that life has seasons, just like the weather. And I am incredibly grateful for the season that I find myself in. Sometimes, life feels like winter. Things are hard and lifeless, nothing much is happening. Well, I am presently not experiencing winter. It feels like spring and summer. Life is full, busy, and abundant and I am amazed at the faithfulness and goodness of God to bring about beautiful things in HIS timing. (Ecclesiastes 3:11). That definitely doesn’t mean that there are not hard days, but I am learning how to work through them and be resilient and grateful in the midst of them.

Speaking of seasons, I recently heard about the book “When God Makes Lemonade” by Don Jacobson. You can visit the website HERE to see what it is about. But I am planning on ordering it to read over my vacations this summer to remind me that Jesus really can turn any situation into a good situation. The book, from what I understand, is just a compilation of stories that people have submitted that have to do with a bad situation (lemon) turning out to be a blessing in the end (lemonade). It really is true, hindsight is 20/20. And looking back on the past 23 years, I am able to see God’s faithfulness when he takes hard moments and even hard seasons and works them together to create something better than I could imagine. I have found that reading stories about the faithfulness and goodness of God really do cause me to remember all of the times he has been faithful to me and it really does grow my faith.

On another note, this weekend I am shooting 2 weddings for really some of the sweetest people! Alison & Ja’Rel and Laura & Herb! I know I say that about my clients a lot, but it really is true. My business is 100% word of mouth, and I have really great friends and family that refer their friends and family to me. So obviously I am going to have some great clients. Most of the time I leave sessions feeling like I gained some new friends. So, since I have places to go on this busy Monday, I wanted to show you some pictures of the sessions I have been able to shoot recently and to introduce you to some of my new and old friends. And also to show you some pictures of Liz & Connor’s wedding! Blog post coming next week, but here are a few previews!


Life is worth remembering.

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