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They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but sometimes we like to tell you the stories. The stories of our couples. The stories of our families. The stories of the people we get to photograph. Here's where you can learn a bit more about us & a bit more about the things we love. 


4 Reasons Why YOU Need an Engagement Session!

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Today on the blog, it’s ALL about the ENGAGEMENT SESSION! They are one of my favorite things to shoot and I often get asked WHY should people have an engagement session before their wedding. Honestly. It is one of the BEST decisions you can make when planning your wedding! Okay, I am the #1 Fan […]


Tara Mae : Maple Valley Portrait Photographer

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Where do I begin? I am about to share with you a piece of my life, a person who is so dear to my heart. Meet : Tara Mae. I introduce her to people as “my sister” because that is what she has become. She has become my family. We met in 2008 when we […]


The Stratton Family : Maple Valley Family Photographer

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  Steve and Brettany are the best to be around. They genuinely love life and love people. Their two boys, Dawson and Roman are full of personality, and their faces are the cutest in the world. I am definitely their biggest fan, and having Brettany as one of my best friends is one of my […]


Liz & Connor : Tacoma Engagement Photographer

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Liz and Connor are ready to be married. Yes, I know that you could say that about anyone who is engaged, but for them it is 100% true. You see, Liz lives in Minnesota and Connor lives here in Seattle. They met during a year long discipleship program at my church in Maple Valley. After […]


Carissa & Jarred : Leavenworth Wedding Photographer

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Carissa and Jarred have been on the blog before. You see, I have been close friends with Carissa since middle school. She is one person who has believed in me every step of the way, even when there have been seasons where life has had us in different places. When Carissa met Jarred, they instantly […]