December 18, 2014

Big News : Falling In Love…Again

There are moments when I get SO excited about an idea, I can’t even explain it. No, I’m serious. I try to get the words out, but they just sound like gibberish. I tried to explain this to Kyle, and after a few minutes, I got it out. When the New Year arrives, I am going to be adding something to my business. I’ve never been so excited to reveal something, so I can’t wait until January!

Here’s where the idea came from :

This Picture. Right Here.

That’s my parents. My mom and dad. Along with my husband, they are the people I love more than anyone in the world. You know why I love this picture? Because it is from when they first were together. Its from before I knew them, its from a time that I have just heard stories about. My dad has it in his office on his bookcase. I look at it all the time. They are the CUTEST. And that pose, it’s PERFECTION. No, really. Its perfect.

I asked a question on Facebook a few days ago about how long it’s been since people have had professional photos taken of themselves. You know the answers were pretty mixed, but most of the parents said it had been over 2 years. And if I asked a more specific question, I’m sure that it would be an even LONGER amount of time that parents have gotten photos of JUST them. Parents do a FABULOUS job of making sure their kids have updated photos, but recent photos of them just aren’t always a priority.

You see, there is going to be a day when I am a grandparent. When my kids have kids, and when my parents aren’t around. And I am going to keep this photo. On my bookcase, and show my grandkids what MY parents looked like. How cute they are, how big they loved.

As a wedding photographer, I spend a most of my time photographing couples. And whenever I have a family session, I always like to make sure to grab a photo of the parents. Just them. Because I know one day, their grandkids are going to want to see what grandma and grandpa looked like when they were young. So I had an idea. It started with the photo of my parents and continued when Kyle and I had some photos taken a few weeks ago.

I want to make it EASY for you and your spouse to get photos. I want to make it SO easy. Because photos of YOU are just as important as photos of your children. They are. Because the photos of you will be important TO your children.

In February, I will be doing a day of “Anniversary Mini-Sessions”. It could be your 10 year anniversary or 10 month anniversary, 3 year anniversary, or 30 year. Kyle and I will be there to make you sure you and your husband or wife feel comfortable, beautiful, and in love. We want you to make a date of it. To get dressed up, to get some photos, and then to go on a date. To fall in love all over again. To remember WHY you are together, and have photos that show you how beautiful your love is.

The photoshoots will take place in downtown Tacoma & I have some BEAUTIFUL locations in mind. There will be 6 spots available, and I cannot even wait to show you the photos we will capture!

If you are interested, leave a comment or send me an e-mail :!

  1. Reva Blome-Bunnell says:

    Kelsey, Love this photo (even tho it was not taken by you) and like your new idea even more! Had you thought about traveling to different locations for the pictures?

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