2017 : Behind the Scenes & Bloopers

Oh you guys. This is everyone’s favorite post of the year. One – because it gives you an idea of how we work & what we do BEHIND the scenes of a wedding day. Two – because Kyle makes the most hilarious faces. This year was SO MUCH FUN & we love all of these images of us doing what we love. A lot of the images are taken when I am testing my light & trying to make sure our settings are locked in for certain moments. Thus, we end up with a lot of super fun photos at the end of the year to show you!

You will see these following things in the images below :

1.) Kyle.

2.) Kyle making hilarious faces.

3.) Kyle helping with flowers, dresses, veils, etc.

4.) The back of my hair that always looks like a disaster.

5.) Us with some of our sweet couples that REQUESTED images with us at their weddings!

6.) The rest of the crazy images we took of each other during wedding season.

Promise you will still love us after you see how weird we are? 

Okay, Here you go!

Uncle Kyle is Croix’s favorite. I’m jealous.

Hey Kyle, want to move that tree?

When a guest asks me to hold her wine so she can get down on the dance floor. LOLOLOL.

Ninja Kyle, don’t worry – we cropped him out of this one.

Lord of the Ring? Or…..

Our sweet bride told us we looked cute & asked if she could take a picture of us!

Kyle. Papparazzi.

I just started singing and this bird flew over & helped me shoot this wedding.

Oh wait. That didn’t happen. I’m not in a Disney Movie.

The best helper with a wedding dress train.

That moment where I wanted to be a bridesmaid.

Nice smooshy focus face, Kels.

My favorite sight. Kyle. Holding Starbucks for me.

Hey, I was running around in the rain earlier on this day, so don’t judge my hair. Thanks.

Just testing our light for the first look.

One day when we have children, I hope they smile like Kyle.

Where’s Kyle?

Him. Photographing his second favorite thing.

Thanks so much for supporting us year after year! If there is anything these pictures remind us of, it’s HOW fun it is to work with your spouse. Being able to not only support our clients in their marriages – but also to grow in our own relationship is such a gift!

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Best of 2017 : Weddings

Wow, am I really writing this blog right now? It seems honestly like just yesterday I was meeting with all of these couples over cheeseboards & coffee to talk about their 2017 Weddings! This year felt like it FLEW by faster than normal.

This year we knew we were going to be selling our house & moving in the middle of wedding season, so we decided we were only going to photograph 12 weddings. Well, because we had some of the SWEETEST couples contact us, we photographed 14 beautiful weddings. Some were people we had never met before, some were longtime friends, a few were referrals from our past brides & grooms. But they were all so perfect.

Each year it is so hard to take all of the images we have from our weddings & condense it down into one blog post. But we are so in love with our clients, the moments they trust us to capture, and the memories we make along the way – we LOVE being able to show you a glimpse into what we spend our year dreaming about, photographing, and doing! From the details, to the couples, & the emotions – we truly do have the best job in the world.

2017 Brides & Grooms, You are PERFECTION. We are so grateful to have met you & been trusted to capture the first day of your marriage. We love calling you our friends.

Now, grab a cup of coffee, a warm blanket, & snuggle down to look through some of the most beautiful images of the most gorgeous couples!

The Details :

The Couples :

The Emotions :

The Portraits :


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We’re not just your wedding photographers, we’re your friends. We work with couples who love to celebrate; who we’d love to go on a double date with; and who we could imagine becoming our friends. This friendship results in a personalized, stress-free experience and images that perfectly captures your day.


F.A.Q. : What To Wear!

HELP! What Should We Wear to Our Photo Shoot!?!?

This question, I get this question multiple times a week. From more than just my clients. I have friends from out of state message me and ask what to wear for photos & girlfriends texting me photos of their outfits asking if things match!

I’m going to break it down for you. Every photographer is different & what someone else tells you might be different than what I say here – but over the past 7 years, I have found some tricks that make everyone look good in front of the camera.

There are going to be lots of words here – but I will post some photos at the end so that you can get inspiration! I’m going to give you ALL of my tips & tricks on what to wear. This should relieve stress, not add to it! 

1.) You Do Not All Have to Wear the Same Outfit

For family shoots – years ago, it was common for everyone to show up in the same outfit. Don’t feel like you have to do that anymore! Feel free to mix colors, textures, patterns! I wouldn’t put more than one or two people in a pattern, as it can be busy – but if Dad wants to wear a plaid flannel shirt, that’s totally okay! My best suggestion is to choose complimentary colors or 2-3 colors to have in your whole outfit scheme. That way there isn’t TOO much going on, but still gives some variety.

2.) Dress Up rather than Dress Down

I know that people want to feel like themselves in photos. But, I would venture to say that everyone wants to feel like the BEST version of themselves. Choosing something that is a little more formal than casual can elevate the quality of your photos. Don’t believe me? Search Pinterest. In a ballgown in the mountains? Awesome.


I feel like this is one of the best ways to elevate your outfit from casual to a little more dressy. For men, adding a jacket, a watch, a tie, a sweater. For women, jewelry, a sweater or jacket, a scarf, a hat. These are all things that you can add to a simple outfit to add layers and make your outfit look amazing! Plus – layers can be taken on and off during different parts of your session to add variety without changing an entire outfit. During colder months, adding hats and scarves that are bright colors can take contrast the simple colors of winter for some vibrant images!

3.) Avoid Text & Graphics on Clothing

This is one thing that I think can make or break a photo shoot. Depending on how you are moving and posing, it is possible that only some of the text or graphic will be visible in the shot. Especially with words, it can be very distracting to the photo. Patterns & prints (plaid, floral print, stripes, etc.) are all good! I am talking about a Seahawks logo, or a child’s shirt with a graphic of an animal or something on them.

4.) Wear Things You Feel Comfortable In

If you are pulling and tugging on your outfit in front of the mirror. TAKE IT OFF. The last thing you want to be doing during your photoshoot is constantly adjusting. You want to feel like yourself in your photos, but the BEST version of yourself. Don’t feel like you have to go out and buy a brand new wardrobe for your photo shoot. If you want to, GO AHEAD!

5.) Take Photos on your Cell Phone of the Outfit Before Your Shoot

Have someone take a picture of the front, back, and side of your outfit if you are worried about how it looks. FIRST – be kind to yourself. Cell phone photos are hardly ever flattering – but it can help you see things that you might normally miss. It can help you to see if you need to add an undershirt, or choose a different bra, or if you like it better with a sweater than a jacket.

6.) You do NOT have to wear heavy makeup.

I hear this all the time. “Oh! I need my makeup to be more dramatic, since we are being photographed.” Ummmmm. That might be true if we were in a studio with giant flood lights shining at your face, or if you were performing on stage. But with me – we are shooting outside with natural light. Don’t feel as though you need to have an extra smoky eye. In fact, sometimes too dark of makeup can make your eyes appear smaller than they are, and can have the opposite effect you are going for.

7.) Too Loose AND/OR Too Tight

I would recommend wearing things that fit, but there are two extremes that you will want to avoid. Wearing things that are extremely loose and flowing while flattering in person, in photos it can make you appear larger than you really are. On the flipside, things that are too tight and have pulling & tugging can also make you appear larger.

8.) Darker Colors Hide & Slim

We’ve all heard that darker colors are slimming, and it is true on camera as well. However, I would not come with everyone in all dark colors. If you are self conscious about an area on your body, choosing a darker solid color can help with slimming and hiding things you are worried about.

9.) Be KIND to yourself.

Getting photographed can bring up insecurities in even the most beautiful people. Don’t believe me? I will tell you that you are not the only one who feels nervous about looking good in front of the camera. So, here’s the deal. It is my job to make you look good. The pressure is on ME, not you! Be kind to yourself. Trust me to make you look good & you will LOVE your images!

Hope this post is helpful & you can walk into your closet without stress when choosing your outfits!


Dani & Joel : Snoqualmie Engagement Session

The first time we met Dani & Joel, we lost track of time and ended up spending 3 hours chatting over appetizers in Issaquah. We walked to our car and once we shut the door – we looked at each other and said, “We really hope they choose us to be their photographers – because we just really want to be their friends”.

We’ve joked that they are our client twins. There are so many similarities between us & them. For the first, Joel & Kyle are both from Wisconsin. Dani & I talk all the time about how happy we are that we got to marry a Mid-West man. They are the literal BEST. The similarities don’t stop there, and every time we see them – we end up talking for hours and laughing the whole time.

Their engagement session was effortless and fun. They introduced us to their dog, Millie. First. We love her. She is the sweetest. I LOVE when clients make their engagement sessions about what they love. The photos always turn out better! They love their puppy, so they brought their puppy. YES. I always will say yes!

We took these at a lookout on Snoqualmie Pass, but my favorite images will always be ones that focus on the couple. The location is beautiful, but you know what’s even more beautiful? How you look when you laugh. How you snuggle in close with the one you love. How evident love can be in a photograph. Those are the things I love. Those are the things I will look for, every time.



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We can’t wait to get to know you!

Kels & Kyle

Rachael & Michael : Golden Hour Maternity Session

Rachael & Michael are two of the clients that we just want to spend every day with. Rachael is my glamorous bride. Just wait until I get my life together an blog her wedding photos. She is GORGEOUS and always has her outfits on point.

I SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN SURPRISED. Because when she stepped out of the truck in this emerald green jumpsuit for her maternity photos? Dead. She wins the whole world with this outfit.

I loved their maternity session & when I got to drive to their home last month for their in-home maternity session to meet their perfect baby girl? I realized once again how amazing my job is.

I get to meet clients while they are planning their weddings. Then we get to meet all of their family and friends and watch as they exchange vows & say “I Do”. Then, we get to photograph their maternity sessions. And their new babies. And their families. All of the best moments. We adore all of these moments that you let us share with you.

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Can’t Wait to Meet You!

Kels & Kyle