About Kels


I love living life surrounded with people who love to laugh.

I am married to my best friend, Kyle. We are wedding and portrait photographers in the Seattle area. Our clients become our friends, because we know that getting photos taken by strangers is never fun! We shoot weddings together, but I shoot everything else solo. I take the lead when we are shooting, but he takes the lead whenever we are dancing.

We love weddings because we LOVE marriage. Being part of such an important day is not only our favorite thing to do, but we know that the images we take will last for years.

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I run my business the way I would want to be treated as a bride. After our wedding, I realized that communication is key for any bride planning a wedding. My goal is to help out in any way that I can to ensure that you have a stress-free wedding and end up with beautiful images to remember all the moments that happened. From champagne toasts with your bridesmaids, to the groomsmen smoking cigars, or your father walking you down the aisle. We want to capture it all.

Let’s go to coffee!
We want to get to know you, hear about how you met, what shows you like to binge watch on Netflix, what makes you laugh, and what items are on your bucket list.

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A little more about us…

Kelsey loves iced tea.
Kelsey loves cooking.
Kelsey loves Amazon Prime.
Kelsey loves taking naps.
Kelsey sleeps on the left side of the bed.
Kelsey loves shows about lawyers.
Kelsey hates folding socks.
Kelsey hates tunafish.
Kelsey is an only child.
Kelsey is from the Northwest.

Kyle loves hot coffee.
Kyle loves eating.
Kyle loves Home Depot.
Kyle loves playing music.
Kyle sleeps like a hurricane.
Kyle loves shows about zombies. (Rick & Darryl, anyone?)
Kyle hates messy counters.
Kyle hates salmon.
Kyle is one of 9 siblings.
Kyle is from the Mid-West.

But we both love dancing in our kitchen.

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