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If you walk into our home, the first thing you should know is that we are addicted to three things. Good Food, Yummy Smelling Candles, and things Cozy. We have blankets on every couch and a million pillows on every bed. 

Kyle is the organized one. Kels is the messy one.
Kyle loves to eat. Kels loves to cook. 
Kyle loves to play guitar. Kels loves to be serenaded.
Kyle loves black coffee. Kels loves iced coffee. 
Kyle wakes up early. Kels stays up late. 
We both love photography & the relationships we make along the way. 



Kyle takes the lead when we are dancing, I take the lead when we are photographing. 


when a cancellation from a second shooter meant my boyfriend would have to step in to assist at a wedding, I had no idea that he was a secret pro-photographer.



5 years ago this is how it all started. I had a second shooter that had a scheduling conflict and wasn't able to make it to a wedding. Luckily, the bride and groom were our best friends and were not worried about it. Kyle offered to help assist during the wedding & to prepare, I gave him camera lessons every night that week. 

Needless to say, he rocked it. One of the bride's FAVORITE images from her wedding was one that Kyle took...

Now - 5 years later, I couldn't imagine working with anyone else. Since I am the one who taught Kyle how to photograph weddings, our style is the same and our images are cohesive. Our grooms love that Kyle is the one who is hanging out while they are getting ready, and I love having a second shooter who reads my mind & is easy on the eyes! ;) 

I am so grateful for his willingness to step in, because without him makin' lemonade out of lemons, I wouldn't have known how AWESOME my husband is at photography.


In Autumn of 2016, we spent 12 days in Ireland. We fell in love with the people & the culture. We already can't wait to return!



Coffee & donuts. Long drives with loud music. Sushi. Popcorn & Movies. If we can do it together, we're all about it. 

date nights


What's better than a board full of cheese, fruit, olives, crackers, and whatever else floats our boat! YUM!



Each summer we take a week and head to Vancouver Island B.C. for a fishing trip with our family! BEST WEEK EVER.


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What's better than hot coffee, flavorful food, & good conversation. We'd love to get to know you and hear about your wedding! Let's set up a time for a double date, we can't wait to meet you! 

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