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A Letter To My Better Half

Oct 23

Hey Babes,

You know how on our wedding day when you said “I will always choose to love you.”? Well, I just wanted you to know. You are the best keeper of promises.

Tomorrow, we photograph our last wedding of 2015, and I need you to know. You have chosen to love me and it has not gone unnoticed. You have chosen to celebrate with me on the good days, and to feel empathy on the hard days. You have hustled, and served, and communicated, and given up your weekends to make me and our business great.

Thank you.

Thank you for believing that I can do anything, and for helping me believe it myself.

Thank you for waking up early and staying up late in order to make me coffee or rub my back.

Thank you for choosing to learn how to not only be a great photographer, but a great business partner.

Thank you for driving. Always. Because you know I hate driving in traffic.

Thank you for filling up the car with gas, the ice chest with waters and Diet Cokes, and my tummy with granola bars on wedding days.

Thank you for never complaining.

Thank you for encouraging me to work hard. And for making me take breaks when I need to.

I could not do this without you. Not just the business part. But the anything part. You make me better. And I am the luckiest one in all the land.

Love you a million. I would choose you. Every Time.

Kels .


Photo by : Olivia Strohm Photography

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