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4 Years Later.

Mar 22


It’s hard to believe that we are celebrating 4 years of marriage today. The last 4 years have not only been the best years of my life – but also the fastest. 

Growing up I remember asking my mom how I would know when I met “The One”. Endless Disney movies made me a romantic from the first time I saw the Beast give Belle her library. (Speaking of, THAT’S what I want for my next birthday.)

Kyle. You are the answer to that question.

Not one grand moment with magic & glitter & music & romance.

But every single day.

One million little moments & little gestures that show me you know me best. You see me completely. And you love me fully. You are the best husband FOR ME.

You are my very best friend.

We have done a lot of very un-romantic things this past year. We have planned funerals & we have walked through grief. We have had hard conversations about how we want our future to look. We have budgeted. We have moved. We have worked, A LOT. 

And through it all you are THE VERY BEST ONE FOR ME. There is nobody else I would want to do anything with. The good. The hard. It’s you – I choose you.

You are the hardest working man I know. But you work the hardest at being an amazing husband. I see that every day. I see that when I walk downstairs in the morning and you have cleaned the kitchen at 5:00 AM before you go to work. I see that when I am overwhelmed and you get out a piece of paper because you know that lists give me clarity.

On this anniversary, I am so grateful to know only have a husband who I am absolutely in love with. But to have you as my very best friend.

I cannot wait to see what the next 4 years hold.

Love you forever.

Happy Anniversary, Babes.

Photos are from our 3.5 Year Photoshoot with Echo Photography!

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