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2016 : Behind The Scenes & Bloopers

Dec 28

It’s been a wonderful year for Kyle & I. 2016 did NOT disappoint as we had some AMAZING couples & made so many memories!

When editing – I decided that I was going to pull images of each other that either randomly got taken or were used while testing out our lighting and put them in a folder on my desktop. I had not looked in the folder all year – and last night while going through them – we could NOT stop laughing.

We cannot even tell you how much we LOVE shooting weddings & sessions together. Some of our FAVORITE memories are spent with our couples and we absolutely adore having these memories WITH YOU!

Now here are the images. There are SO many of Kyle – but let’s just be real. He’s my favorite person to photograph, so there are no shortages of images of him on my phone – or from our weddings. 🙂

When your husband is a secret supermodel…

I call these next ones…”Kyle Loves Flowers”.

Note to self – remember to straighten the back of your hair next time, KL.

Teeeeeeth on Fleeeeek.


Too Bright?

That time when there was a random picture of my legs on Kyle’s camera. Hey GURL.

Okay, I was taking photos of Calder’s parents when I turned around and saw this. #MELTMYHEART

Oh HEYYYYY There! Look at that walk.

When your dad is on the dance floor getting his groove on.

Below are 2 of the reasons why I married him.

Note to our clients – there is a HIGH chance that we might get pulled out onto your dance floor & love EVERY minute of it.

Kyle. The Veil Master.

We had a photoshoot when we arrived to one of our photoshoots TWO HOURS EARLY. #SorryKyle

He’s My Favorite Hipster.

We LOVE what we do! And We LOVE being your photographers!

Can’t wait to meet you & take your picture!


Kels & Kyle

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